October 14, 2016

...I had a clean house and a cute boy, and I took some pictures to remember it. Heeeere they are:

^^^ My pumpkins and bouquet from the farmer's market. Pretty sure my first trip to this farmer's market was the last week it was open for the year... always with the perfect timing over here. Also my plan was to paint the small pumpkins, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe next year.
ALSO! That 6 B's print I have framed up there is a free printable I pulled from this really cute blog, iiif you're interested.

 ^^^ Not where the basket belongs, but if I push things to the back of this chair Peter can't reach them. I know, I know, that basket is full of his toys.. but he doesn't need them all at once!

 ^^^ He sees me.

 ^^^ He sees me.


 ^^^ Still coming for me, just a little less intensely.

^^^ I told Stefan I feel like people who have their own hand soap dispensers really have their life together. None of those disposable dispensers with the fish on them, you know? So then we bought a fancy soap dispenser and matching toothbrush holder (not pictured). We've also had this shower curtain since we've been married because I love it. I love it so much I've thought multiple times about going and buying ten more so I can always have the same beautiful shower curtain for my whole life. Two and a half years later, I'm pretty sure Target still sells this shower curtain. So you tell me, should I go buy more!? I'm sure I need to be replacing this one! Should I!?

^^^ Above our bed.

 ^^^ Peter's bedroom finally (mostly) got put together abouuut.. two weeks ago.

And now, the star of the show, every day, always:

 ^^^ Watching the fan.

Also I've been thinking about a lot of things.

...about how I don't want to be materialistic, but sometimes buying new things makes me feel really happy. Usually something pretty like a new sweater or some flowers. And I don't want receiving gifts to be my love language, but what if it is? And do you think your love language can change? Or can you choose to change it? I don't think gifts has always been mine. And I think it still might be tied with acts of service. Or actually probably come in just behind acts of service. A very close second. Anyway, I've never even read the love languages book, I've only heard of them so what do I know.

...and I'm wondering how you know - or decide - which less than desirable characteristics are just a part of you. Something you can't/don't want/don't need to change? How do you know when to say, "that's just who I am" or when to make a change? Do you change it for yourself or for other people? And when should we accept something as part of someone else, as something that isn't going to change? Because I feel like we should always be trying to improve ourselves. But are there ever those negative aspects of ourselves we can kind of write off as unfortunate, but permanent?

...also trying to figure out if it's possible force your life to slow down. Without letting go of everyone and everything, I mean. Can you still be involved and have fun and keep up, without feeling overwhelmed and spread thin? I hope you can, but I haven't figured out how. I just want a slow, simple life, you know? It can speed up every now and then, but most of the time I'd like to feel as if I have control and I have a rhythm. I don't think I've ever felt it, but I'm pretty sure it's possible. If you have any tips, send them my way. Hopefully I'll be able to try them out in January.. Seems like every week until then is booked. Meh.

I don't want to end this post with the word "meh" because, well it isn't even a word and also it sounds like a bummer. And this post was not intended to be a bummer, so scroll back up and look at my cute baby and end with that!


October 13, 2016

This post is here because I realized I had a lot of summer pictures on my phone that didn't have any place to belong! They aren't in order, they don't cover the whole summer, but they are good memories. So here we go. This first one is from a dinner outside at Slim's. Guys, Slim's! I don't remember if I've mentioned it.. Oh! I think I have. We ate there on our anniversary.. haha. Well they have a couple tables outside under some cute lights, and it's just all too perfect on a summer night. If you want to put Stefan in a good mood, feed him Slim's. If you want to put anyone in a good mood, feed them their summer dinners outside.

These next two pictures are from Lake Michigan! I remember I took the first on a day we met up with Taylor, McKenna, Garrett, and Rachel. We ate at Shake Shack, then went down to the lake where Peter needed a nap so I laid him down right on.... me.

Okay I could hang out here all day. What's this little place called? Maybe it's still part of Millennium Park? It's right by it. I don't claim to know this city, guys. Anyway, something about all that green right up against all that city.. I love it. There's a little stream where you can dip your toes, and it's all just so nice. Ah yes, and then the bean! Alexa came to visit and meet Peter, so we took her downtown! More Shake Shack, more toe dipping in the stream. Good times. Seriously, good times. I love Alexa.

And of course the swimsuit that never was! I tried it on him and it fit perfectly.. too perfectly. One growth spurt later, and it didn't fit at all. It still has the tags on it, and I'm saving it for a future baby because I love it so much. But as you can see in the next picture, he had to wear boring regular clothes when we went to the beach with friends from church. Because I am a lame mom. But he still liked dipping his toes in the water! 

The only picture I have from our weekend at the farm! (Not technically near Chicago, but bear with me..) Stefan's grandpa has a farm in Wisconsin, and we spent a really, really fun weekend there with him, his wife, Taylor and McKenna. We drove the tractor, visited the chickens, spent a lot of time in the wood shop, ate dinner around the fire, and generally loved getting a break from the city.

Who needs a swimsuit when you look this cute swimming in your undies, right? Riiiight. This one is from swimming in Naperville with cousins. I'm sorry, but the drive from our house to Naperville is the worst.. this day in particular was terrible. Lots of crying, possibly from both of us. Good thing we like those cousins.

A Cubs game! Someday I'll put together the video I have from this day.. It was hot, but so fun. Peter was awesome, I bought a really yummy lemon treat, we almost left early but then didn't and we won in the ninth inning! See ya, Marlins.

Botanic Gardens with more friends from church! This ward is really good about getting together for fun outings like this. I loved the Botanic Gardens a lot more than I expected to, and I would love to go back some day earlier in the summer when more plants are blooming. 

Two more pictures from two more trips to the lake. We only live two miles away (two two two two two two two), and I love that we went down there as often as we could. I loved packing a picnic or just taking a walk along the water. There's something about that water! It's a really beautiful color of blue. Aaaaand, it looks like that's all! We had a lot of fun this summer. Thanks, Chicago.


October 09, 2016

Basically a bunch of pictures of my family because we can't help it with the #spontaneousemmettphotoshoots.

 ^^^ i love pictures like this because they remind me that even though peter was a teething, sick mess that week, he was such a good, happy boy. 

 ^^^ all the grandkids on the Liberty Bell quilt.

 ^^^ okay, i admit it! i'm obsessed with this girl! she is always a good helper, and i love watching her with peter.

 ^^^ boy cousins looking good.

 ^^^ boy cousins looking really good.

 ^^^ the siblings

 ^^^ the girls

^^^ the one nobody wanted on the internet

^^^ the emmetts

^^^ the photographers' portraits of each other

And last but definitely not least, the fresh prince of Philadelphiaaaaa. When Stefan and I were still at BYU - and not even thinking about having babies yet - we found some 80's/90's baby clothes at a yard sale. I guess you can put the rest of it together, so now I'll just let you enjoy a few of the one million pictures we took "iiiin West Philadelphia."