February 15, 2017

Stefan and I have been married for three years! We decided we want our anniversaries to be more like family birthdays - partly because we're obsessed with Peter and didn't want to leave him behind while we celebrated. This year we splurged and partied at The Grand America in Salt Lake. Wooooow. Wow. It is beautiful. First we found our room and let Peter explore a little bit. He loved the bathroom, and got SO excited roaming the big hallways. Lately, when he gets excited he does this really cute thing where he tenses up his entire body and kind of has his hands out in front of him and does this weird smile. We can't handle it - so cute. 

We booked massages in the spa at different times, so one of us could stay with the baby. Stefan took the first massage, so I took Peter out to the courtyard to play. He was pumped, and basically took off running, and face planted two minutes after this picture.. So I carried him around the rest of the time we were out there, taking pictures because I think that courtyard is my happy place.

Stefan said Peter went to sleep really easily while I was getting my massage. Side note: this was my first time having a male massage therapist, and I felt weird at first but it didn't take me long to not care or notice at all. Also, the Grand America's spa is the real deal. They have everything you need, and everything you never knew you needed, including a seventeen head shower.

This next photoshoot is from the next morning - Valentine's Day! Because I wanted a picture of/with my valentines.

^^^ Okay, I love this picture for lots of reasons. First of all, it confirms Peter is 90% Stefan's clone. BUT, he has my chin! That's an Emmett chin, don't deny it. Where are my baby pictures, I will prove it. So what that probably means is Peter will grow up to have Stefan's exact face on my exact head. Perfect. Also, before I realized Peter had my chin and started claiming that like you wouldn't believe, Stefan and I kind of convinced ourselves Peter had my eyes. I wanted him to be my little Harry Potter baby - "You look just like your father.. but you have your mother's eyes." I wanted him to have my something! Well, it's my chin. Look at these next pictures - he does not have my eyes. Finally, that blurry hand in the corner. This kid never stops moving!

^^^ THIS picture, I love. It was an accident - he was moving too quickly for me to get a picture of his face. But this picture makes me stop and notice some of his other baby features I just love - the chub under his chin, his big belly, and chubby arms. So, basically all his chubbiness.

And finally, his ultimate baby model pose. This picture KILLS me! 

I'm really starting to love Valentine's Day - maybe because it's all mixed up in our anniversary. But actually, I don't think that's the only reason. I think love is so happy and beautiful! And definitely isn't only romantic. I love all the other things love can mean - serving others, being thoughtful, selfless, and kind. I saw so much of that this year, and it lifted my spirits a lot. It feels like the perfect holiday to get us through this last stretch of cold winter.

So, happy birthday and happy Valentine's Day to our family! I love these boys ten million to the moon infinity.


February 12, 2017

A few weeks ago, my sweet niece called me to ask if I could help with her birthday party. Honestly, my guess was she wanted to have the party at the clubhouse in our neighborhood. Ha, it's a good time! But instead she asked me to teach a paint party - how cute is that! I've seen a lot of pictures of people I know going to paint nights like this, but I had never been to one so I was pretty nervous. I also wasn't sure what these girls would already know how to do, what they would think was cool or lame.. turned out they all just liked to paint and really didn't care what I said or did! Except the one girl who did everything the same way I did, that was pretty cute. This party was so fun - cute, funny, talented girls, and everyone got to go home with something awesome that they made! I honestly think the only thing I taught them was how to blend their backgrounds from dark to light, then they all kind of took off on their own. Also my niece opened a couple gifts I seriously wanted to take home with me.. So I don't if that says something about these eleven years olds or something about me.

this picture MELTS me


February 06, 2017

I have a lot of really supportive people in my life. They'll see something I make and tell me it's so good and they're just sure tons of other people would like it too and even pay money for it. I can't really say I've given it my all when it comes to selling my art, but I have tried. And no one buys it - no ooone. (Okay, a few people out there have bought things, and it really means a lot!) I don't really mind. I like to keep making it. I hang it up in my own house, instead of waiting for other people to hang it in theirs. I like it! And maybe someday other people will like it enough to pay for it. Orrr maybe they'll like it for free! So here are some things I made for Valentine's Day, for free. I printed them out at home, on a super basic printer. I used card stock paper instead of regular printer paper, but I think that's the only trick. I didn't even trim mine down, but they are designed to be 8x10's so if I had a paper cutter I would have trimmed them so they would fit in frames. Also I kept the background white on all of them so they won't run you right out of ink! I want to keep practicing this kind of stuff, so hopefully I'll be sharing lots of free downloads this year. Let me know if you like any of them! I wouldn't say I'm great at taking constructive criticism, but maybe you can help me get better! Heh. Okay, Happy Valentine's Day!