The Creamery On 9th East

January 20, 2012

..is a wonderful, wonderful place. I've worked at the Creamery since October, and I love it. I started out as a grill closer. The grill closes at nine, and that's when I would go into work and clean all of it: the nasty grill itself, the counters, sinks, drains, floor, dishes.. Plus put away all the food. When that was my job, I didn't mind it. Now that I'm part of a real team working a real shift in the restaurant, I don't miss grill closing all that much. With my new shift, I get to scoop ice cream, make burgers, work register, and swap phone numbers.

Today I got one and gave mine. Two different.. customers.

I'll post a picture of the Creamery soon. And maybe someday, a picture of a certain napkin..

Another Creamery blessing story (sure, why wouldn't the napkin note be a blessing?) came last Saturday night. You see, the first time I worked at the register.. my drawer was very off by the end of the night. $3.44 off. But the second time I worked at the register - perfect. Down-to-the-penny perfect. And perfect again the third time! Tonight I was one penny off. nbd. Especially because the rest of my shift was such great times.

In other news, today I finished my morning shift at work way early because there wasn't as much to be done as usual. I also stayed awake through my entire English class (not my usual). Thanks to a certain purple bag of Skittles. Then in clogging we started learning a real routine! I'm also getting better at racquetball.

I like the Creamery. I like today. It's past midnight.. There is no way I am waking up on time tomorrow.

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hahaha. Erin, I love this post! You're cute :) I want to see this napkin... I've seen the Creamery, though. Way to "count your blessings!"

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