So, where do you live?

January 22, 2012

And now I'm going to do all I can to avoid telling you I live in Heritage because then you, an attractive male upperclassman, will know I'm a.. freshman. Tonight I went on a date with the "napkin guy," as my co-workers named him. For this blog, let's call him... Henry. Henry took me to Zupas, and then The Quarry. And I'm not sure at what point he found out I was a freshman, but it might have been when he dropped me off. at Heritage. He picked me up right from work because
a. we decided that was faster and easier.
and secretly, b. I didn't want him to pick me up from where I live. Heritage.
So I had tons of fun, and if he doesn't call me again I guess that's fine, but I will for sure blame it all on Heritage. Because that's just what I feel like doing.

I'm done whining about being a freshman. It has its perks sometimes.

STAYTUS UPDAAAATE (if that isn't as funny to you as you think it should be, watch this)

It is now roughly two hours later, and life is good because sometimes even when the attractive male upperclassman finds out you're a freshman he still asks you out on a second date.

So today I:
  • went on a run in the rain. so happy.
  • freaked out about my date with a hipster. thank you for the support, Molly (and Austin).
  • went to work. I <3 the Creamery. Especially when I have visitors! Molly, Austin, Ben, and Courtney all in one shift!
  • went on a date with a hipster. srsly, guys. leave napkin notes.
  • learned how to rock climb. I was born to climb rocks.
  • got a second date with the hipster. impromptu dance parties with Cat & Carly. and ice cream.

Today was great. My grass is so green today.


BronteCampbell said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Have I told you how much I truly love you?? Cause it's a lot.

Lesa said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I Love You too! And your blog makes me smile... I miss you. Have a happy day!

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