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January 31, 2012

I know there are lots of you, and you've been really missing my posts the last six days. Today I just have tons of scattered things to write.

Last week we danced to MMMBop and the Backstreet Boys in clogging, and yesterday we danced to Les Mis in ballet. I love all three of those things so much. Also, Molly took me to buy my clogging shoes last week and then took me to pick them up yesterday! She's really just the best there is. and I'm not embarrassed about how excited I am to have these shoes. mostly since I have a clogging test in about two hours.

Last Friday Meg, Cat, and I went to Park City! Sometimes you just need to get out of Provo. especially when there's a film festival with celebrities about an hour away. We didn't see anyone, but we ate at Squatters and pretended we (Meg) saw some (Bradley Cooper).

I did see this bird, though. And I liked him. obviously.

Saturday I was really lazy and unproductive. But I went to work and loved it, then went to see Humor U with Brad. It really was funny, I'm so glad we went! Then we went to the Creamery and bought some Party Time for Ice Cream Sunday.

Sunday was such a happy day. I woke up before ten (score.), got all ready for the day and called my Mama. Mostly I just tell her stories and she listens very well. I love talking to my mom. Then I went to church and it was Ward Conference so I loved it. Our Bishop and his wife were adorable in Sacrament meeting talking about supporting each other in everything. My visiting teachers and home teachers came, I did some New Testament homework, went to Ward Prayer, wrote nice notes, ate ice cream, and went tunnel singing! bueno.

I do realize that this picture from my phone is the worst quality seen in years, but it's such a happy picture. This is Andrew announcing his mission call at tunnel singing! He's the first of our friends to get to do this, so we were totes excited. You see how I used "totes" there? That's Andrew's word. I've never heard anyone use it more. or better. The point is, Germany is getting a fantastic missionary in 90-something days.

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