When one door closes..

January 23, 2012

it's time to buy a leotard.

Last semester, I got pretty involved with folk dance. Don't ask me how, because I'm still not sure. But for the most part I really liked it. If you're one of the people I complained to about it a lot, I apologize. I promise I really did enjoy it at times. So I registered for the class again this semester. But on the third day of class our new coach, Ed (the king of BYU folk dance), told me that my name hadn't been on the list of people who wanted to continue being a part of the team this semester. And when they had try-outs to fill empty spots, they took four girls instead of three. We had one too many girls and poor, conflicted Ed didn't know what to do. I told him I completely understood, and that I wouldn't mind dropping the class and finding another. He seemed really grateful, and I was glad I helped rid him of some stress.

So, that door closed for now and I added beginning ballet! Hence, the leotard. (and pink tights. and ballet slippers. and my hair being in a tight, low bun at the moment.) I've always loved to dance, but I've never taken ballet so I don't know a lot of the basic, fundamental stuff. It's a little motivational that my six-year-old niece is probably a better ballerina than I am at the moment. It makes me want to work hard.

So hard that today I even signed up for ballet club. Lately in New Testament we've been talking about how the Lord is more interested in the person we are becoming, rather than how comfortable we are with life at the moment. The Lord knows our potential; He can see the person we are capable of becoming. He isn't going to let us sit and be completely comfortable for too long. That may seem harsh at first, until we realize how perfectly He knows each one of us. Everything He sends our way is for a purpose. So today when my teacher asked if anyone wanted to sign up for ballet club to get a little extra help and practice I told myself something I'm pretty sure I read on Molly's Facebook a long time ago. "If you want something you've never had, you're going to need to do some things you've never done." And then I signed up because I'm bad at ballet.

Lately a lot of people, myself included, have been complaining about the weather. It hasn't felt like winter at all yet! It's been warm and rainy a lot. But two nights ago, it snowed! Not a ton, but enough to at least give the appearance of January in Utah. Then today I'm coming out of ballet and the snow is coming down. So I walked all the way home in the snow and it was so happy. It made me think of Lorelai Gilmore (if you don't know who that is, please don't ever read this blog again.) and how much she loves snow. She honestly believes it's magical. I think it might be.

You know what else is magical? Missionary work. For some reason, I can't get over it lately. Today in New Testament, we sang "Called to Serve" for our opening hymn. Brother Griffin told us to sing the first verse in English, and if we knew another language, to sing the second verse in that. Of course I don't know another language, but of course about half of the class did. The majority, no doubt, from having served their mission overseas. It was an incredible sound. I definitely had chills the whole time.

So besides the fact that I didn't make it to Biology, and I fell asleep a little at the end of New Testament, today has been great.

Here's what I can't stop listening to.

Here's what I found when I was looking for the last one!


The Seawrights said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a great post!! That quote is "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." It definitely applies! And you'll never guess where I heard that quote... Chuck! One of the few times I actually watched it :) Anyway, I'm glad you're working so hard at everything you do! If nothing else, it'll build a whole lot of character! But, you're awesome and you'll succeed at whatever you choose to do :) I can't wait to go to all your recitals!

Lesa said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I Love that you're trying new things... and I Love that your teacher had everyone sing Called to Serve in different languages. I wish I could do that in seminary, but we don't know any. I Love the missionary video on the BYU channel about missionaries with that song in the background. It always makes me cry... and I Love Snow too!

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