Fun, fun, think about fun. You know what it is.

February 07, 2012

Remember Rebecca Black? Easily one of her best lines from Friday.

Friday was fun. I know what it is.
I went to my two Friday classes, then Molly picked me up and we went to DI. Without knowing what it meant and understanding that it wasn't even important to know, I bought this cross stitch. It's hanging above my stove right now. Really Molly found it. But I guess she just has so many sage cross stitched pieces of art in her apartment, she can't fit anymore.

Molly really is the best. After DI we went to Cocoa Bean and she bought me a cupcake. Then we went back to her house and she made me a sandwich and painted my nails. Maybe that seems small, but to me it's huge. I'm so grateful Molly lives close.

This is a real-life action shot from Friday. I forgot about the juice, sherbet, (not-pictured-because-already-eaten Oreo balls) and Snuggie she let me use. We also did some Facebook-ing and watched part of 27 Dresses.

It's just always good times with her. I was looking for a picture of us and had totally forgotten about this one.

Hey, Molly. Love ya.

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