I don't know why it takes me two hours to finish a biology reading assignment.

February 22, 2012

all I know is that I finished it. I took notes. I highlighted.

I'm blogging from the HBLL.
Where in the HBLL are you!?
5th floor.
not the 4th.
I doubt anyone in my ward studies on the 4th floor anymore.

Anyway, I'm so bad at science. But that's no reason for me to not even try to read and study and pass this class.
I'm going to spend so much time in the HBLL this week.

The past two days have been weird.
total roller coasters.

Like this morning when I skipped biology to finish my geography assignment. I even went to the TA room to get help, and then it WOULD NOT print. So I had a pity party panic attack and finally just went to class late without an assignment to turn in. But then I e-mailed my TA and he was the coolest! I turned it in this afternoon, no big deal.

And yesterday at work. I was just having a rough time. I was messing up and hurting myself and feeling overwhelmed by the 3756291 ice cream-starved customers. At one point I thought I saw a lady who used to be in my home stake's Young Women's Presidency. It was so random, but I did a double-take because if it would have been her I would have been so excited. I don't think I've ever even spoken to her.
It wasn't her.
After that I wanted someone familiar to come in so badly. Not someone I had met at BYU, but someone really familiar.
So Ben, Courtney, and Clara saved the day. I can't tell you how happy it made me to see them come in. Or even why it did. and little Clara was so cute and happy! Well, they all were. but she's my favorite.
And then my manager offered to count my drawer for me so I could leave early. Which was not only so nice, but also probably for the best because as it turns out I was a dollar off. and if I would have been there to witness that, I might have had a breakdown.

I love when people visit me at work. I love it. If you ever know I'm working, come in. I'll give you lots of good food and I'll be so happy.

hahaa, Meg and I were talking about this one today. Zero 20-year old boys at BYU.

I'm just going to keep posting funny BYU memes for a while. They're funny, and everyone loves a blog with pictures. It'll be better when I have a way to get pictures (of me) from my camera to my computer. It'll be legen... Wait for it.. Ethan can't eat it because he's lactose intolerant... DAIRY. That was for Alex. I'm 100% sure he doesn't read this.

The HBLL is playing music so I'll wake up and get out.

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We're so glad we could visit you, too! Next time we'll come on a Tuesday, though. ;)

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