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March 08, 2012

I am terrible at keeping in touch with people. I'm always so happy when someone thinks of me - a call, text, facebook message, anything. But I'm the worst at initiating stuff like that.

This past week I talked to some of my favorite people, and I need to make sure they know it means a lot that they called. ..or text. Allie told me "text" is the past tense of "text." So let me know if that isn't true, or else I'll keep believing her.

Larry. This one is my best friend. We used to be really good at Skyping every week, but this semester our schedules are complete opposites. He still makes time to call though, and I always love talking to him. Even when it's just listening to stories about mean Joey's customers.

Ry-no. RyGuy. The Temp. Who knew he'd be off to Georgia this summer for Basic? and Ryan, please correct my misuse of military terms.. I know an embarrassingly small amount about what you're doing. So that's why he called this week - to give me that update. He'll be a star, I just know it!

Beavis. The one who promises to come visit me. We text each other while we were both studying for biology. I'm sure she did better on her test than I did on mine, she's a genius. and one of the main reasons I like to go back to Charleston.

isn't this the cutest? young and in love.

So I have some solid friends, and I'm glad they remember me.

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