Leap Day

March 02, 2012

On our fake, kinda lame 4-person Senior Skip Day, Alex kept skipping everywhere. yelling "senior SKIP daaay!"

So LEAP Day makes me think of that. I like this picture, and it's fitting.

heheee. mhm, that's good.

Wednesday was Leap Day. On my way to Biology, this girl on the verge of tears came up to me and asked if I knew where the Widtsoe Building was. um, no.. But you're about to cry so I will help you find it. I knew it was nearby, and it turned out to be just around the corner. It was so easy for me to help her. And I knew how she was feeling. She was frazzled and running late and probably just having one of those mornings. That's me five days a week. So I was really happy I could help her. That morning especially, I needed to realize that someone else was having a worse day than I, and that I was capable of helping that person.

I went to Geography, New Testament, and Ballet. with homework and eating and whatever else in between all those. I had a midterm in Ballet that didn't go as awesome as it should have. Sometimes I put my dance classes in the back of my mind. I'll start practicing more. Henry and I went to the Cannon Center for dinner, and then I had to close at work.

But before I left for work I realized that it was Leap Day, and I hadn't even done anything exciting! I'm only going to have one college Leap Day, so I had to make it good. So I got off work at eleven, and Henry and I threw snowballs at cars. And that's all it took for Leap Day to forever become a day for me to throw things at cars. I never do that, so it's memorable. And it isn't bad because February 29th isn't even a real day. Anything you do doesn't matter and doesn't not matter and just isn't.

Leap Day was also exciting because tons of guys received their mission calls! I love those.

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I'm glad your day got better... and I Love that picture! If he can dance I can dance!

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