Sometimes your mood just matches the weather

March 26, 2012

but not today! Today was cold, cloudy, and rainysnowy. And I was happy.

Last night after I posted about talking to people I love, I got to talk to even more! I was up late, but still woke up on time - never happens. I stopped at Jamba Juice, bought a smoothie for breakfast, and made it to biology on time. Then I was on my way to geography, unfinished homework in hand, when my professor -..uncle? sent out an e-mail reminding us that it isn't due until Wednesday now.
Tender mercies, you know?
After geography Justin took me to lunch, and I just love talking to him.

Also apparently I'm talking to myself these days. Yes, out loud. This is what I caught today:

after taking one bite out of my sandwich from the Cougareat -
"This is nasty.
..But I know I'm going to keep eating it.

So that's neat.

For the record, after a few more bites I did throw that thing away.

Well, time to fail a biology test, go to fhe so Braden doesn't unfriend me for good, and scoop some ice cream. Come get some ice cream! Donny Osmond does it, but only when I'm not there.

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