April 04, 2012

This morning I had a missed call from a number I didn't know. The caller didn't leave a message, which usually tells me it wasn't important so I don't call back.

The number seemed familiar though, and I had a feeling I should call it. Maybe it was just my curiosity, I don't know. I was scrolling through my call history looking for it, thinking maybe it was the Sports Camp people calling me back begging me to be a counselor even though I missed the deadline.

When I finally found the number in my call history, I really was convinced that's who it was. I thought they hadn't left a message because they were planning to just move on down their list of hopefuls. But I was hopeful they still hadn't found anyone. Do you see how insane my thought process is?

I called the number, and when a guy answered I told him I had missed a call from this number earlier in the day, and I was curious as to who was calling and for what reason. Guess who I wasn't talking to. ..anyone having anything to do with BYU Sports Camps.

It was Scott, the guy who got my number at the Creamery the same night Henry left his. We had tried to plan a date way back in January, but it never worked out.

So that was probably the strangest phone call of my life, and now I have a date this weekend.

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