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April 01, 2012

Usually when I decide to post, I have something I really want to say. This time I just want to remember what's been going on.

Here's a picture of me being happy because no one else is home. Ha, uh.. not because no one else is home. Because no one else is home so I have no one to play with and I decided to make faces and take pictures.

Plus my hair is kinda curly. So, maybe you noticed maybe you didn't.

Friday Megs and I were really productive after school then went to Mr. Heritage. Where I was completely swooned by the kid who won. His poem was really good. But not better than Michael Clawson or Brigham singing. They were the best, obvi. (I've been trying to say obvi in just about every post. Maybe you noticed maybe you didn't.) Then we got pizza and watched Like Crazy. I liked it for the most part. The ending wasn't satisfying, and most of it was sad. Meg was all excited because neither of us were moping. Until I pointed out that the things we were doing were the exact same things we would be doing if we were moping. Pizza and a sad chick flick? But with a positive attitude!

Saturday Carls Barkley and I watched General Conference, went to the ward pancake brunch, watched more Conference, and walked to our house. Three weeks until we move! It was also Carly Fries birthday! I ran to the Creamery and got her a flower, candy, greek yogurt, and streamers. Then I worked for seven hours. goodtimes.

Today I watched the morning session of General Conference with Carly Jo then went to Ben and Courtney's for lunch and the second session. I rode my bike to their house and they live on mountain, so I was happier riding home than I was riding there. But I owe them a big shout out because free lunch is no small deal! Plus they're fun to hang out with and talk to, especially comparing freshman years at BYU.

Now I'm alone for the rest of the day so I'll probably read and call my Mumsie. Like I said, this post was for me. If you were bored, go read the Book of Mormon instead. It's a great book.


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Sounds like a great weekend, but you forgot to call your mum... Love You!

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Lesa said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

PS I Love your curly hair :)

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