May 14, 2012

People are always telling me how lucky I am to live close to so much of my family while I'm in college. and I really am lucky, I know that. But still, a girl is allowed to miss her parents, the house she grew up in, that neighborhoody-community feeling I just don't have in Provo. Maybe what I really miss is being eight years old and having all my siblings at home, family home evening complete with a lesson, activity, and treat, dinners with everyone around one table every night.

I didn't realize how much I missed all this until I had a taste of it over the weekend. On Friday I went to Justin's house in Pleasant Grove for a barbeque. His whole family was home - parents, siblings, even grandparents. We watched his younger brother and sister's piano recital first, then went back to their house for dinner. We all helped get dinner ready - and I really was grateful his mom gave me a few assignments, even if they were small. It helped me feel less out of place and I liked being able to contribute - the brothers tried to teach me an awfully confusing card game, they congratulated each other on a good recital or finishing another AP test that day. I did have a short interview from the adults during dinner, but Justin said I did a good job. His grandpa and older brother also spoke German with each other a good amount of the time. Being with their family was just a different feeling than being with mine. Of course neither way is bad.  ..this is hard to explain. I know what I'm trying to say though, even if no one reading this understands. I'm really glad they invited me, I had a lot of fun.

On Saturday, Meg, Cat, and I drove up to Elwood to spend the weekend with Meg's family. (sidebar: one million thank you's to Katy who took my Saturday closing shift for me!) We made it to the house and dropped off our stuff then ate lunch at Mack's in Tremonton. That afternoon the three of us walked to a park, kicked some polygs off the swings, and enjoyed just being outside. On our way up the hill out of the park we saw sad little Kellie, Meg's sister, holding the broken pieces of her bike and looking all helpless. She had started walking to the park after her bike collapsed because she thought we had driven and could give her and her bike a ride home. nooope. So Kellie called her dad to come fix the bike. When he got out of the car and started looking at the situation he goes, "Oh yeah, I loosened this wheel a couple days ago when I was measuring the blahblahblah." haahaha.

"Dad, I'm going to go on a bike ride!"
"Okay, have fun! heh heh heh.."

It was all too much. so funny. poor Kellie. She rode the fixed bike home, and the three of us got a ride in the car. Then we got Kellie ready for her end of the year dance! I really didn't do much, but Meg and Cat made her look all kinds of pretty. After we ate dinner, we drove to Logan and met Meg's friend at Angie's so I could fulfill my life-long dream of cleaning the sink. and all that really means when it comes down to it is that the four of us ate a lot of ice cream. and that I came away with a sweet bumper sticker. Then we bought bread and fed some terrifying ducks. actually I think it was the geese that really scared me. So Logan showed us good times, then we went home and crashed.

Sunday was so fun. This is where we get back to that family feeling. We went to Meg's home ward which meant Relief Society and Sunday School with adults, then Sacrament Meeting full of children. If Justin's house was the first time I really missed all this family stuff, Sacrament Meeting in Elwood was the second time. Being Mother's Day, I should have expected the Primary kids to sing and make me seriously tear up. Plus Meg's mom spoke, and her talk blew every Mother's Day talk I ever remember hearing out of the Mother's Day talk water. After church we ate lunch with the whole family and played cards, then took a three hour nap because that's what Sundays are for. On our way home we stopped by Logan again so I could visit my grandmas. We stopped by my Grandma Emmett's first, but she wasn't home so I just left her letter in the mailbox. Grandma Freeman was home though, so we stayed and talked with her for about a half hour. I love my grandmas.

I love my family, and I love my friends' families, too. Both Justin's and Meg's families really made me feel welcome, like I was one of them almost. and I really couldn't be more grateful for that. It makes me so thankful for the emphasis the Gospel of Christ puts on the family. It makes me excited for Memorial Day when I'll get to see a lot of my extended family. and it makes me really excited for Jake and Lesa to come visit in August.

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Family is the Best! Your friends families sound awesome too... and I can't wait to see you all in August! Love You! :)

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