a few things to remember for someday.

May 09, 2012

I don't know a lot about what I'll teach my kids besides the Gospel, the ABC's, and how to dance. But I do know some things I will drill into their tiny skulls before they venture into the world.

I'll teach my kids not to smack their food. I will teach them table manners. They won't speak with food in their mouths, and they will chew with their mouths closed. And people will like them for it.

I'll teach my kids that when they enter a room with a person inside who previously had the door closed, when my child leaves they should close that darn door.

I'll teach my kids that every single person on this planet is different. There is no right way to do anything. Everyone has different backgrounds, different trials and temptations, different views, and different opinions. And that is okay. That's how it should be. So be yourself and let everyone be themselves, too.

And the first one, again. I'm really going to make sure they learn that.

So I guess I'd better make sure I know these things, or know how to do them. Heaven knows I have a few years to learn before I have to teach any children of my own.

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