just another Tuesday.

May 09, 2012

Today I woke up and got my hair cut. I love getting my hair cut! Meg and I went to this place Molly recommended but I won't say where because we like our hole-in-the-wall places and we like to keep them secret, too.

Afterwards we stopped at the Employment Office in the Wilk so Megg Nog could fill out some stuff for her new job! at the Culinary Support Center. While we were in the Wilk we spent about an hour in the Y-Serve office cutting fabric to make teddy bears. I'm not exactly sure who gets these teddy bears, but it's Y-Serve so I'm sure it's the best cause there is. 

Our last stop was Zupas because Megslie had never been! I ate bunches of food because Zupas is delicious. Even the lady in the employment office thought so.

Employment Office Lady: Have you guys ever had the Wisconsin Cauliflower soup from Zupas? I had some for lunch and now I just feel so happy. 

So Meg and I both ordered some Wisconsin Cauliflower and trust me, we were happy. I wanted to go back to the Employment Office and tell that lady so then she could feel three times as happy.

Later Molly and I went to the mall to pick out some birthday gifts for Miss Courtreen, then headed to their apartment to watch Clara while Ben took Courtney out for a birthday dinner. I had to duck out kind of early so I could get to work on time, but I had fun while I was there! Clara is getting so big and she is the best to play with. She has the cutest laugh and knows so many words. The last few times I've been over there she hasn't cried at all. I'm going to miss their little family when they move soon!

Work was pretty fun. It always is, though. There's always plenty to laugh about. Then afterwards Justin gave me a ride home and took a few minutes to try to teach me to drive stick. . .. . .... . . .... . . ... .. .... ..
We'll try again another day. I made it stall too many times to count. I always thought people complaining about learning to drive stick were just being dramatic. Nope.

And now I'm home blogging in the living room where I can hear through the swamp cooler everything the neighbors outside are saying. I'm tired of hearing about your g's, bro. Lower your voice, please.

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