Life-changing events.

May 22, 2012

I'm sorry if the title threw you, this post is actually about the solar eclipse.

On Sunday Austin, Greg, Tyler and I headed down to Cedar City to catch the "Ring of Fire" during the solar eclipse. It was about a three hour drive each way, so of course I dozed part of the way there and back. Once we finally made it to Cedar City, we found a high school with a good hill (right next to a soccer field, of course) and waited. and waited. We waited for about an hour and a half before the eclipse actually started. Finally around 7:33pm it happened! The moon was right in front of the sun.

The boys had their free solar eclipse glasses, courtesy of the Eyring Science Center on campus, so we could look directly at it. We also collected quite a gathering of people at this perfect little spot on the hill, and one couple brought a telescope which ended up being the best way to get good pictures.

These guys were convinced that the eclipse was going to be a life-changing event. I'm pretty sure we all became heroes after it passed.  Because this eclipse changed their lives, we needed to take before and after pictures. obvi. I'd say Tyler transformed the most. Greg.. didn't. But as ridiculous as they were, it was fun to watch it with people who got so excited.

Austin took some pictures of me but mostly they were lame. boys and cameras.. but I did like one I honestly didn't even know he took until he posted it. Basically I look like a real life astronomer with those glasses on. I don't know if astronomer was the right title to use. Just look at my pictures.

Ring of Fire!

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