May 30, 2012

We decided to be social and domestic on Memorial Day!


Meg & Kaytee grilling like champs.

Some game about adverbs.. This one one was "romantically." as if you needed me to explain that..

We had people from our new ward, some from our old ward, and other friends those people brought. It was good times. I had fun!

Meg and I may have over-shopped, or maybe everyone just under-ate.. Either way, if you're looking for a free hot dog any time soon just stop by and cook one for yourself. We have plenty. Also watermelon and ice, up for grabs. Thanks to Justin for being the first to come have some hot dogs for lunch today.

Our neighbor (the one getting his arm kissed) is one of the people who started this! Our neighbors are the best, really. Cat and I went over to their house Sunday night to play Curses with some people from the ward, and it was so fun. Best neighbors.

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