Soccer is the world's favorite sport.

May 21, 2012

Sometimes my New Post button disapears. and sometimes I beat the internet and make a new post anyway!

Guys, this is a special post. posted by request! Ryan leaves for basic training in Georgia on Tuesday and as one of my most loyal readers, when he requests a final post before his long summer away from technology I can't say no.

I'm going to talk about Saturday. Saturday Greg, Austin, Tyler and I went to the BYU vs. Real Salt Lake game. Guys, soccer is so attractive. BYU soccer players are so attractive. Back to my story, okay okay.. Greg and I went to the game about an hour early to get good seats. and we did. We saved seats for Austin and Tyler even when angry people tried to steal them.

angry lady: Are those seats open?
Greg: Just one of them actually.
angry lady: Not three of them?
Greg and me: ...no.

There were tons of Real fans there. Some of them were kind of intimidating, but the ones near us were all pretty nice. BYU really did a good job of keeping up I thought. It wasn't until the last minute of the first half that Real finally scored the first goal. and both teams had taken plenty of shots. By the second half, BYU was tired. they were kind of struggling. But this is why you shouldn't ever be one of those fans to leave five minutes early when it looks as if all is over and done. BYU scored in the eighty-ninth minute! There are only ninety minutes, folks. But then even after the two minute overtime, the game ended in a 1-1 tie.

So the game was way fun to watch, I got a nasty sunburn on the left side of my body, and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with the majority of the BYU men's soccer team.

This picture does not do the Real fans justice. They brought their whole dang band complete with huge loud drums,  confetti, choreographed dance moves, and a whole lot of dedication.


we scooored!

Soccer is the world's favorite sport. 

How did I almost forget to include the funniest thing Ryan said yesterday? First let me tell you the background story that I also told him which led to him saying this funniest thing.

Saturday after the soccer game I was headed home when I passed a group of guys across the street from my house moving couches. I kind of thought one of them said something to me but it was indirect so I kept walking. About a half hour later I answer a knock at my front door to find this nervous guy trying to invite me to a movie night at his apartment. He explained that he had been one of the guys across the street moving couches. couches that were now sitting on the roof of his apartment complex.

I tried to carry on a little conversation for a minute to feel out whether he was a creep or a weirdo or any other less than excellent title. He seemed really innocent so I said to myself, "yolo."In all honestly he was a little socially awkward, and I thought he had a lot of guts to come ask me like that. So we walked up the street and had some frozen yogurt, then went to his apartment where about ten more people showed up to watch RED on the roof. They had a projector all set up, and it was actually pretty fun. When he walked me back home he gave me his phone number and told me I was welcome to come hang out any time.

It was an interesting night. More interesting than sitting at home by myself! Or maybe not. I really enjoy my home alone times. Either way, yolo.

So as I told Ryan this story I included that. yolo. obvi. He didn't appreciate it. I started to explain to him that this ridiculous acronym really does help me try new things!

me: Seriously, it's like - random guy comes to your door and invites you to a movie night. Well, yolo!
Ryan: Here's another scenario: Random guy comes to your door, kidnaps you, and you wake up in a cellar. YOLO for 25 more seconds!

hahaha, he was so animated while giving this fake scenario. Granted.. he has a point. But luckily no cellars were involved this time. I'll count my blessings.

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Ryan Dau said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Haha, perfect. Seriously, don't go missing when I am away because then I would have to find a new friend who doesn't send me Cd s and who says YOLO. 'Kay bye!

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