Spilled milk.

May 27, 2012

They say there's no using crying over it, so I didn't.

Friday was a long day at work. Let me back up, Thursday was a long day at work. I went in from 11:00-2:00, ate lunch and took a walk, went back in from 3:30-5:00, ate dinner, and went back to work from 8:00-close.

So getting back to the milk story, Friday was a long day at work. I worked in restaurant from 11:00-2:00, ate lunch, worked in grocery from 3:00-6:00, and that's when it happened. I was in the milk cooler stocking gallons. The cooler was full of crates stacked as high as they could go, so naturally I couldn't reach the top on the stacks. I flipped a couple crates upside down and made steps to climb until I could reach the gallons at the top. It really wasn't too dangerous or scary until.. I dropped a gallon of 2% that exploded and really really quickly spread across the entire floor. I'm not too proud to say at this point in my life I had never mopped anything. So I ran to the front and found my helpful restaurant supervisor, Mark, who willingly came to teach me how to mop up this spilled milk. Well in all honesty, he did that part for me because the store became suddenly busy and Marina called me to the front to check customers. I ended up drying the floor and taking the empty milk crates outside like a good milk stocker should. If you weren't already feeling sad about this story, wait until I tell you I dropped an empty crate on my face.

I did that.

I dropped the edge of an empty milk crate right on the top of my nose. The injury isn't very visible thanks to my freckles, but I can feel the bruise. While I was moving the empty crates, I was called to the front again. After it slowed down I headed back to the milk cooler so I could dump out all the milk Mark had mopped up. I took the huge bucket to the drain in the back, but I think I mentioned it was a huge bucket and as I tried to tip it into the drain area, some of it spilled back out onto the floor. Commence second round of mopping the exact same milk. I was really struggling this time, and Mark noticed. Commence Mark telling me multiple times that I'm the star and the backbone of our team. Heaven knows I'm not, but I'm always glad when someone can make me laugh over spilled milk. 

I was so done after that shift. I knew I had to be back in two hours for my closing shift in restaurant, so the second 6:00 hit I closed my lane, logged out of my register, and waited for the next cashier to come down. I even denied ringing up one of my managers. Sorry, Boss.

It's a good thing closing was really fun. I worked with Maddie and Aubrey, which is kind of a best case scenario. We had one customer ask the three of us if we had ever been to this new restaurant that not only had none of us been to, none of us knew existed. He told us we should try it and tell the people working that the owner said we could get 30% off. Oh, okaay! I don't remember the name, but it's some healthysmoothiegranola place on 9th that we all decided we'll definitely try once we're all in town at the same time again.

But overall I clocked 35.5 hours at the Creamery this week, and I'm pretty stoked about that.

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Sorry I didn't teach you how to mop... but I'm glad you're such a good sport and can laugh in the face of frustration. You make your mama proud!

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