summer, maybe you've heard me mention it.

May 04, 2012

Two signs it's going to be a great summer:

1. Last week Meg and I went to the HBLL to get some books to read so as to for we can enjoy and educate ourselves with some literature this summer. I came away with four Mormon romance novels. I don't know if they're all really "romance" but they all came from that section. One of them I know is about a brother-sister relationship. Maybe there is a side romance story mixed in. we'll see.

2. I added all the BYU men's soccer games to my calendar. yes, PLEASE.

I worked from nine to five today. I also learned that I can never be a real grown-up because I don't handle working nine to five very well. I am all kinds of tired. I also added another shift to my summer schedule. So starting summer term I'll have about twenty-five hours a week, plus whatever extra I pick up. GRATE.

Another customer asked me today, "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Alexis Bledel?" I told her yes. Yes, many people. I used to get it more when I was younger, but it still happens. mostly at work. She told me it's because of my freckles and my eyes and even a little in the way I speak. Thanks, customer. I accept.

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Oh Gilmore Girls... I miss watching it with you:)

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