This night deserves a post.

May 30, 2012

Today Clark and I went on a bike ride.
Henry set me up with Clark.
Weirder things have happened.
I guess I'll have to tell the story of our first date another time.

Clark's bike had low tires, so he borrowed his sister's bike. She lives in The Colony.. My roommates and I don't like going in the Colony.. Essentially it reminds us of a cult/Pleasantville/the Stepford Wives. I feel like an invader any time I go there. They know I'm not a Colonist.

Oh well. So Clark's sister's bike is a baby blue beach cruiser that is definitely not Clark's size. It was entertaining. We ended up at the globe at Memorial Park trying to prove who could identify more countries. I won, obvi. All thanks to GEOG 120 with Professor Emmett.

Then Meg and Cat fed me tacos for dinner, and we went to Velour to watch our friend, Sam, perform at Open Mic Night. I was surprisingly really impressed with what I heard from everyone. Especially greasy-looking harmonica man. Looks can be deceiving, folks. I want that man's CD. So we actually stayed for about two hours, saw another kid from our freshman ward perform, then headed out. It was $3 well spent. Especially because Meg paid for me.

After Velour we tore Provo apart trying to find Dr. Pepper slurpees. First Stop: 7-11 on 5th and University. Pooor slurpees selection. However, a much more impressive selection was the number of attractive boys on bikes outside this 7-11. Boys on bikes are one of my favorite kinds of boys. One of them kept trying to talk to us as we walked out, but the girls with him seemed to be shooting us the stink eye so we regrettably didn't talk for too long. As we're in the car backing out however, the most talkative and most attractive one rides over to the car and keeps chatting. Come to find out Jaren and his friends ride bikes every night. We told him Meg and I have bikes, and he wanted us to go ride with them but we declined. My front tire is flat, plus Cat doesn't have a bike. But now I have Jaren's number, and you should go ahead and bet your bottom dollar I'll be riding bikes with him soon.

We eventually settled for Coke and cherry slurpees, and I spent $1.45 on a McDonald's cheeseburger. So tonight was pretty solid.

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Too bad you didn't fight harder for the Dr Pepper Slushy Maker on Christmas Eve... although it sounds like the trip to 7-11 was worth it. You better get that flat tire fixed :)

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