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May 04, 2012

Today was a really great day.
Please, let me share with you a few things that can make a day really great. First of all, don't set an alarm to wake you. Today was the second time since winter semester ended that I just haven't set an alarm to wake me up in the morning. I don't even sleep in very late - 10:00 is about the longest as I can go. But it still feels so great. Next, go running. I love running. I'm not great, but I do it. I love the freedom, the quiet, the sweat, the feeling of pushing myself. My dad posted this link of Facebook just today:


I love all the reasons this guys gives for why he runs. If you haven't already clicked the link and read it, please do. His list is short, and it makes sense.

After running, I went to play at Molly's house. Kinect, smoothies, nails, a movie, dropped off a shirt for her to fix, picked up my boxers.

While I was riding my bike home, I was stopped at a light on Center Street waiting to cross University Avenue. Behind me a group of middle-aged women were kind of arguing about where a certain restaurant was. I don't know Provo really well, but Center Street is pretty easy so I figured I might be able to help. Right before the light changed and I rode off, I turned around to ask them if they were looking for a certain place. Los Hermanos. They were so close! I pointed them in the right direction and one of them let out a big "I told you!" to her friends, but they all seemed really grateful. So, I helped some ladies find a restaurant. That felt good. That was easy.

When I walked into work tonight, the supervisor looked at me and goes
"Are YOU closing tonight, too!?"
"Oh, good. I love working with people who know what they're doing."
Am I one of those people now!? I didn't think I was, but thank you for saying that!
Other girl working: "Oh, yeah. You're a veteran now."

Holy make a girl feel good.

And then work was pretty fun, and tomorrow I get to work eight hours.

Oh! Plus LJ finally participated in a meet today. aaand, they won Conference. and my parents went to see the CHS musical! I'm pretty j, but I'm glad they went.

j = jelly. now you know.

shout out to Ryan who let me talk his ear off during my twenty minute walk to work.

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I will probably never be a runner even though runners seem to be happy people. Reading your blog makes me happy :) Just wanted you to know.

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