Dear Boys

June 03, 2012

I creep on a lot of blogs. Except it isn't really creeping because that's what blogs are for, so I don't feel bad.

Sometimes I check this blog where the girl who writes it does Dear Boys posts. Sometimes I think it's a ridiculous thing to do, but more of the time I like it. So, here.

Dear Defcon,

For a while I still wondered what it would be like if you ever asked me out, but then today when I thought you were about to all I could think was "don'tdon'tdon'tdon'tdon't do that."

It's official, that ship has sailed.

Dear ...boy,

My friend saw you and said you looked old. Sometimes I miss you, but I know we both deserve different people. Not better, just different.

Still nineteen.

Dear Gale,

You're one of my favorite customers. Please always come back and compliment my hair.


Dear Thailand,

I really hope you survived.

Our names rhyme so it's destiny.

Dear Vegas,

I'm still not sure.

We'll see.

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Elise Frederickson said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I so don't feel creeped on. I feel honored. Slash, I feel like I'm creeping on you now. So, it's fine. Also, more importantly, I loved your dear boys. I like name rhyme boy. I hope it really is destiny.

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