Sunny Days

June 02, 2012

So many great summertime things are happening.

First of all, spring term at the Creamery means there are about thirty of us still around who just work a ton. I swear, it's pretty close to thirty employees. So I work with the same people all the time. In most cases, it's great. I really like Creamery people. Anyway, this morning I worked with some of my favorites, and our shift was pretty slow so we had fun. 

Also, with all the Heritage construction going on right next door, we have construction workers coming in every day for lunch. We've come to know them pretty well. They really like their garlic fries. Well, I have a favorite. He's one of the few Caucasians, has a few visible tattoos, and one interesting piercing below his lower lip. One day he noticed my name tag and told me his middle name is Emmett - spelled just like I do! spelled correctly. So now we have this bond, and yesterday when my hair was curly he leaned his arm on the ice cream counter and told me, "Love the hair." He always says bye when he leaves, and he's just the sweetest. 

After work today Megs and I went to Seven Peaks! We knew it would be crowded but whatever, yolo. We picked up our passes, went down two slides, wandered, and headed out. It was a short trip, but at least now we know our way around and have our passes. We'll be back soon. 

Then we went to Pantrucas! Because what good are old boyfriends if not for taking you to yummy restaurants so you can go back with your roommate months later, after the break up? It was so good. I really love the couple who owns it, and their peach juice has stolen my heart. Seriously, I would go just for this juice. Please try it. 

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