A happy girl with bruised knees.

July 18, 2012

Today was great, guys. Here's how it went.

I rode my bike to work and made guacamole.
I ate an ice cream cone and talked to my mom while I walked to campus.
I read my book until Brad called me from his lay-over in Texas, on his way to Germany.
I talked to Brad for fifty minutes.
I went to the library to kind of research my soon-to-be new major.
I went to the advisement office and talked to an adviser for my soon-to-be new major.
I messed with my schedule for fall semester.
I went back to work where I ate dinner before my grocery shift.
*I sat on a stool for most of my grocery shift because my knees really hurt.
I went straight from grocery to closing in restaurant, where I also spent some of my shift sitting on a stool making waffle cones.

Talking to Brad was so fun, he didn't seem very different at all. Except that I've never heard him as excited about anything as he is for the next two years of his life. I also kept making him speak in German. 

I'm so excited about my new major. It deserves its own post once I have it all figured out.

*Ohhkay. Yesterday for FHE we went to the First Counselor in our Bishopric's house. We fit our whole group in two cars, and as we were leaving to go home I told the other car we were racing back to my house. Well they ended up winning, but I had a plan. They parked in the front of our house, but there's also a spot to park in the back. So we'd park back there, sneak inside through the side door, and act as if we'd been there all along waiting for them. I made it to the side door in serious stealth mode, but then realized I didn't have a key. I turned around and Cat tossed me hers, but when I turned back to toward the door I tripped on the concrete step and fell straight on my knees. They hurt initially, but felt fine the rest of the night. Then today as I was walking around campus and up and down steps, they started to really hurt, especially the right one. By the time I was working, that stool was a complete life-saver. Thanks to David for turning a joke into beautiful reality and bringing me the stool. ...twice.

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So I guess you aren't going to change your major to "International Spying and Covert Operations"?

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