July 01, 2012

Sure, I'll admit it. I miss that little town I never said I would. All my friends at home are growing up, and I feel old. LJ graduated, Allie is a Senior, girls I used to babysit are starting middle school.. But, life goes on.

Last week I was scooping ice cream at work, the usual.. It was Wednesday sometime between 3:00 and 4:30. You know what that means. Or, if you don't: EFY rush. Ten trillion kids between the ages of 14 and 18 migrate to the Creamery during their free time to clean us out of cookie dough and cookies & cream.

"I can help the next person in line!" is sometimes a tough thing to make myself say. What if that person orders a large chocolate shake?! I'll be working on scooping that concrete for ten whole minutes! Well, not this time. This time it was these girls!

Pretty sure I screamed. Maybe squealed. Probably a mix. I ran around the counter to give them both three hugs a piece. It caught me so off guard to see faces from Illinois. Granted, Breanna lives in Utah now.. But especially seeing Savannah - she's from my very own home ward, we went to Girls Camp together, she goes to my high school, she probably sees my parents all the time! It was a lot to take in so unexpectedly. I honestly almost had tears in my eyes, I was so happy.

These girls are the cutest. They came back to visit me Thursday and Friday. I loved talking with them. I am so glad they got to go to EFY this year, and so glad they chose to come to BYU! I loved EFY, and I don't know if it's obvious.. but I love BYU. I'm sure they had an amazing week, and it definitely made my week to see their pretty faces.

I love being from Illinois. Oddly, I'm proud of it. I'm proud to come from Charleston, from Charleston High School, from the Mattoon Ward, from my family. I learned a lot growing up where I did, and I'm happy to be the person I am today because of it. Today in church a girl from Pittsburg referred to Utah as Planet Utah because it's so dang weird. So, enough said. I love both of these homes I've had, lately I just wish I could visit the original one.

This weekend I did some decorating in my room. And by that I mean, I taped up a ton of pictures. Enjoy!

Ryan, Brad, LJ, Allie, BYU, Harry Potter, Graduation, Chicago Bears, Winnie the Pooh quote from Alexa, "Wherever you go, go with all your heart," Nauvoo brick, superhero monkey bank.
Far Left: Champaign Stake boys.
Second from Left: Family
Second from Right: High School
Far Right: BSAGW
also, this one may not be done.


Lynne said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

just saw your mom tonight and she mentioned that you ran into them at the creamery...small world! Well the chuck misses you too Erin just so you know and btw...you made a few appearances in our family home movies that we were watching the other day. You were about 9 or 10 and K was probably 6 or so. You were canoeing with us at Fox Ridge (when our nieces were visiting) and for some reason you and K were doing the Tango? haha It was hilarious -- good times! :)

Jake Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I miss Stanley but he looks like he's being well cared for. I hope you don't mind but I've been passing along your advice on loving Charleston while you can and taking full advantage of high school to some of the youth in the ward.

Erin said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh, Lynne.. why do you even tell me these things? I'd probably be so embarrassed if I saw that video now, but I'm sure we were having fun when it was filmed!

Pops - Please do! If there's one thing I could tell the youth of the Mattoon Ward, that's what it would be.

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