Mom and Cookies, Cookies and Mom.

July 28, 2012

Today was slow. I slept in, messed with my new phone (YES!), washed my bedding, ate an entire small pineapple by myself, read outside, eventually got ready for the day, walked to campus, went to the Creamery, and finally.. made coookies. Not just any cookies, of course. Lesa's cookies! Lesa is my mom.

When I called her to get the recipe she was out and about with Pops. I told her what I needed, then said she could just find the recipe when she was home and call me back. Oh, no worries - she has it memorized! Why did I ever doubt her? Come to find out my mom has been making these cookies since she was roughly ten years old. I should have guessed.

It isn't really a secret recipe. I think it was a kid in our ward or maybe one of Ben's friends who dubbed them "secret recipe cookies", only because they're really good. So is the dough. I've probably eaten my weight in this cookie dough over the years. When we were growing up Lesa would finish the dough, alert the children, and we'd all scoop some into a bowl and grab a spoon.

Throughout today's whole baking process, I called my mom three times and sent her two texts. all full of questions. She was so patient and very helpful.

Now let me give you some background information that won't seem as if it ties in at first, but it does: A long time ago my sisters and I decided that if the three of us were each to be assigned a female character from the tv show "Friends" Paige would be Monica (obvi), Molly would be Rachel, and I would be Phoebe. Seems fitting to me! Also fitting that I named my bike Phoebe. (post coming soon, pinky promise)

Please watch this clip. My mom and I laughed about it a whole lot during phone call #2 today.


I also got to talk to my best friend half way through writing this post! I miss that kid. Soon he'll only live nine hours away from me, and we're pretty set on visiting each other. or at least meeting half way.

So turns out this slow Saturday wasn't half bad. I'll enjoy these days while I have them.


Lesa said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm pretty sure I sent some of these cookies to your dad on his mission... Cookies just make everything better :)

Mrs. Austin Seawright said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

WHOA! Mom sent Dad these cookies when he was on his MISSION? They're so much cooler now. Good post, Phoebs.

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