Rain and Reading

July 05, 2012

There's only one reason a girl might not keep running when it starts to rain, and that reason has to do with white t-shirts. Good thing my shirt was blue today. Good thing it was also raining before I even started running.

I love rain, and rainy summer days are some of the best. Especially when it's July in Utah and half your mountains are on fire. Rain is strangely emotional. It's calming and peaceful, and sometimes I sit there listening to it and fall right to sleep. Sometimes I sit there listening to it and think about everything all at once. Sometimes I go run in it. Sometimes I open my front door and sit right down to feel the rainy breeze and blog to my heart's content.

Here's something I read this morning.

"Of all the titles He has chosen for Himself, Father is the one her declares, and Creation is His watchword - especially human creation, creation in His image. His glory isn't a mountain, as stunning as mountains are. It isn't in sea or sky or snow or sunrise, as beautiful as they all are. It isn't in art or technology, be that a concerto or computer. No, His glory - and his grief - is in His children. You and I, we are his prized possessions, and we are the earthly evidence, however inadequate, of what He truly is." - Jeffery R. Holland

Well, my heart is content.


Lesa said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love rain and we are especially praying for it now... and when it comes I'll think of this post and enjoy it even more :)

Jake Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Another great quote from Jeff. Speaking of Apostles, in church last week a speaker mentioned Elder Scott and his wife Jeanene and I immediately thought of you and how much Elder Scott's love for his wife touches your heart.

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