So much chicken and liberalism down here.

July 12, 2012

Last Friday I escaped Provo.
I do love this city, but it's nice to have a break from the place you spend all your days. So fortunately for me the Monks let me tag along on their trip to St. George. This was my first time visiting St. George, so don't excuse my excitement but now you know why it's here.

Our first real stop was in Cedar City. We ate dinner at this yummy bee-bee-kyoo place where they sold Provo Girl beer and grammatically incorrect t-shirts. The food was good, though.
Pretty sure I was the first customer from Charleston, IL. If not, anyone who came before me wasn't a good pinner.
Also, Cedar City was full of chicken. Everyone and their uncles were selling rotisserie chicken.
Also, liberals. I won't explain that one here, but this place was full of them.

Anyway, we finally made it! No casualties. Meg's family was already waiting for us in the pool.
Our room was right next to the pool. Perrrfect. Artsy photo courtesy of Kellie Monk. 
 Saturday morning we woke up (kinda) early and went to the St. George temple to do baptisms for the dead. Meg Nogg's dad confirmed and baptized all of us, and it really made me miss temple trips to St. Louis with my own parents.
The St. George temple is goreous. Meg and I may or may not be planning a double wedding there next year.
The rest of Saturday was spent swimming, shopping, eating, swimming more, and getting frozen yogurt. Then on Sunday we went to a Sacrament Meeting not far from where we stayed and headed back to the temple grounds after. One part of the Visitor's Center is all about the St. George temple specifically. 

Did you know its tower was struck by lightning once? Meg's mom heard that Brigham Young didn't like the original tower.. better strike that one down. 
And beneath the very white exterior walls there really is red rock. 
The St. George temple is also where America's Founding Father's appeared to Wilford Woodruff, asking why their temple work hadn't yet been performed. 

So much has happened there, and I loved spending time in the Visitor's Center. The second building was a more general Church Visitor's Center. They had copies of the Book of Mormon in tons of different languages, rooms full of paintings, and even a Christus statue. We probably could have spent all day there.
I'd say it's about time for round two of trying to learn this language. Look out, fall semester.
After the Visitor's Center we took a (short) tour of Brigham Young's home. Our tour guide told us that at one point the Church had ordered white paint from New York for the temple, but when it arrived it was all green. So never ones to waste, the members used the green paint for anything and everything else they could. ..like the Prophet's house. It was really interesting to walk through a Prophet's home. Honestly, it reminded me a lot of Abraham Lincoln's home in Springfield. ..proud of my roots.

The rest of the trip was spent swimming and eating.. That seems to have been a trend, but no one's complaining here. I also started my new book, The Count of Monte Cristo. Sorry if you're offended I'm just now reading it. At least I am!

This weekend was so fun. I can't thank the Monks enough for letting me come, and I really can't wait to go back to St. George!

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Oh, Le Petite Mormon:) That looks like so much fun. I went to the St George Temple when I was in High School... that's where I got the Book Of Mormon with the gold cover. I'm so glad you could go there.

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