Customs and Supervising, Supervising and Customs

August 17, 2012

Lest this were ever to be forgotten.

[Sometimes I never know how detailed to write my posts. I want to remember everything, but I don't want these to be miles long. I'm also really exhausted, so if this doesn't makes sense to anyone else hopefully I can at least figure it out.]

Customs at the Creamery is any extended period of time when BYU doesn't have classes and therefore we don't have a regular work schedule.
-Weeks or days between semesters and terms
-Thanksgiving and Christmas Break

But of course the Creamery never ever ever closes, which means people need to work over Customs. We do it all by sign ups. "Have you signed up for customs!?" Since there are no classes, a lot of us want to go home or just give ourselves a break. And some people do, which leaves the Creamery in the hands of those who stay plus some new hires.

The bonus of working Customs: 
-It gives you huge brownie points with anyone higher up than you.
-You work with different people every day.
-Customs has the feel of wartime. It's always crazy busy, the worst of the worst happens, and once you survive it the stories last forever. During the last customs we ran out of spoons. every single regular sized spoon in the store - gone. yes, even the boxes of plastic spoons you can buy off the shelf in grocery. We always sell out of tons of ice cream flavors, gallons of milk, and certain flavors of fries. It's always memorable, so it's also kind of the best of the best. one of those love-hate things.

The biggest thing about Customs is that those new hires aren't going to work a ton, so anyone who has worked here a while and sticks around is going to get a few extra hours in. That's what this is about.

I signed up for Customs because I'm a good little worker bee. but then things change and the worst of the worst and the best of the best happens.

My plan: 2pm-5pm
What happened: 2pm-5pm. Great.

My plan: 11am-8pm
What happened: 5pm-8pm. Because Ryan was here.

My plan: 11am-8pm
What happened: 11am-8pm. Great.

My plan: 11am-8pm
What happened: 8:30am-midnight. 
I realized I really needed to make guacamole, so I went into work at 8:30am. I spent the first half hour helping clean out the empty milk cooler before it was refilled with its shelves and crates and gallons of milk. Then I made guacamole. I finished that just in time to work in restaurant from 11:00am-8:00pm. 
On Wednesday Emily had recruited me to also grill close Thursday night. lots of recruiting and bribing over Customs. especially when Kacy and I were just made Supervisors so Emily can ask us to do anything and we won't say no. 
The store was really busy Thursday night plus restaurant was down a person or two, so I ate and clocked back in at 8:30pm. I went back to my roots and grill closed at 9:00pm, but didn't finish until right about 11:00pm. It was Kacy's first night as Closing Supervisor, so I teamed up with her to figure everything out since I'll be in the same position soon. We had everything done by about 11:25pm. Then Emily reminded us we hadn't done Inventory (ordering ice cream.) So we sat down and figured that out, clocking out at exactly midnight. 

8:30am-midnight and the only times I stepped outside that building were to take out the trash. 
good and great.

My body is sore. 
I need Alex Smith here to take all the knots out of my back. 
Also my ankles hurt. 
I am so tired.

My plan: don't work at all.
What happened: 9am-9:45am. 5pm-close (midnight. probably actually one).
I went in at nine to be officially trained as a supervisor by Emily. We talked about a bunch of stuff, and I got my white shirt.
- came home and crashed for a few hours - 
Liz is a good recruiter, too. She got to me on Wednesday, and I said I'd work Friday night. It's okay because I need money and she'll be teaching me and Kacy some supervisor stuff. 

My plan: don't work at all.
What happened: 6pm-close (midnight. probably actually one).
These are two supervisor shifts, so I can't complain. It'll be hard work, but really good experience. 

Can't wait for 8:30am church to start this week.

Really, though. I love my job. On Wednesday Liz, Steven, and I were all working down at the grill and all the sudden I go, "I really like working here!" Weird look from Liz aside, I think they both agreed. It's just fun, and you really do learn to work hard which is satisfying.

Also, if you skipped to the bottom and didn't catch it.. rude. I was promoted to on-call restaurant supervisor! Which really means they'll use me as a supervisor over Customs, then I can sub for supervisors in the fall, and the next time there's an opening for a regular supervisor shift, I'll get it. 

Bueno. Here's to first jobs and moving up in the world.

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You are a good worker bee! I so glad you like your job. My first real job was painting dorm rooms at USU. It was okay, but not the best. Fortunately, my next job was mowing greens etc at Logan Golf and Country Club which I loved. And, I like my current job. Life is good when you like what you're doing.

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