Honesty and Pop Music, Pop Music and Honesty.

August 10, 2012

I'm going to be honest about how much I love and Instagram and my iPhone. I know this stuff has come and gone for a lot of people, but it's new to me and I'm letting myself be excited.
Lauren's birthday party at Spark.
family reunion boating at Deer Creek.
Creamery lunch with my faaamily.
cutest puppy-loving two year old.
four month old pursed lips.
USWNT Olympic win at JDawgs. with my by myself.
Summer 2011 reunion while Mat was visiting Provo.
The Fantasticks at the Covey Center for the Arts.
I'll also be honest about the fact that sometimes when I see a movie I really like I want to watch it again right away. Examples: She's The Man. The first night Sam New and I saw this movie we watched it twice, maybe even started it a third time. Catch Me If You Can. Don't even get me started on how much that movie blew. me. away.

The Fantasticks was the same deal. I wanted to watch it again right away. It's that feeling of really loving what you just saw, and knowing that there were so many wonderful things you probably missed. You have to see it all again and catch more and more wonderful every time. Turns out it was a live performance, so I couldn't exactly ask the cast to hop back on stage.

I'm going to be honest about how much compliments can lift my spirits. Even if you're a ten year old girl on the sidewalk saying, "You're really pretty" or an old man at work telling me I look like the All-American Girl.

And in closing, you know what else I'll be honest about? How much I love pop music. I know some of it is really terrible, and honestly I listen to some way better stuff. (Ryan even told me the other day I have a good taste in music. hollaa.) But I can turn on some old school Justin Bieber any day, and it makes me happier than most other things. Heaven knows Cat and I can car dance to radio music like no one else. I just like it. and I don't even care that you know.

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I love your Intragram pics. Keep them coming.

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