NSO and missionaries, new keys and Tyler Haws.

August 26, 2012

Last week Meg and I volunteered as Y Group Leaders at New Student Orientation. It was pretty fun.. it was okay.

The first was crazy busy and kind of stressed us out. We met our group and tried to entertain them for an hour or so with a frisbee and ice breaker games. We had a convocation in the Marriott Center and ate free lunches out on the grass. Then we went on a tour of the library, Education in Zion, and all of campus. So much walking, too many freshmen, and not enough time. But hopefully they learned something. They got some free stuff, so they should be happy. That night we met back in the Marriott Center for Tradition of Honor, and guess who was theeere.

Future hubs over here. He was looking sharp in his suit, too.

Last Tuesday I got a text from my friend Logan. He asked if I wanted to go to the airport with him and his sister to pick up our friend Jared and take him to the MTC. Hold the phone because I didn't even know Jared had his mission call! Thanks for the updates, everyone. But it's such exciting news that I was over the insult pretty quickly.

We picked Jared up and headed to Provo for a quality 1:00am meal at Denny's. Missionaries eat free! But Jared didn't have his tag yet, and he didn't want them to think he was lying so he paid. We talked to a long time, and Jared was glowing. I'm so proud of that kid. We grew up in the same stake, but lived an hour or so apart. We never were very close, but I do know how hard he had to work to be where he is today. I can't wait to see the amazing things he'll do.

Elder Patterson, on his way to change the lives of everyone in the
Arcadia, California Spanish Speaking mission.
we took all the group pictures on his camera,
so I guess we won't see those for two years!
class picture and NSO pep rally in Lavell Edward's Stadium.  four days until BYU football!
Layers of free t-shirts in the August heat.
...we were group Purple 22. and the Friday morning stuff was boring.
i like my bow.
so I lost my key weeks ago.
apparently our contract says we won't make copies.
whoops. girl's gotta get in her house, you know?

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I'm so excited that Jared is in the MTC and you were able to see him first. Lot's of great things coming from the Champaign Stake :)

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