Reunions and Olympics, Sunshine and Restaurants

August 09, 2012

The best week ever turned out to be pretty much that!

Friday morning most of the Emmett family met at Deer Creek to go boating. I got up on the wakeboard for maybe a whole minute, so it was kind of a miracle morning! We also went tubing, hid in the shade, and played on the "beach."
Friday evening some of us headed over to Heber for the Mountain Valley Stampede. Rodeos are.. crazy. The people there are crazy, what they do to the poor animals is crazy, and the announcers are just nuts. I couldn't count high enough to keep up with how many times that guy used the phrase "on a Friday night!"

Thanks for comin' out to the rodeo on a Friday night!
Let's give a hand for these cowboys on a Friday night!
Let me hear you cheer if you came up from Provo on a Friday night!
Nothing like the Heber Valley on a Friday night!
Saturday morning we "hiked" up to the Sliding Rock in Alpine. It's a natural water slide that goes fast and bumps you around, magically doesn't hurt at all, then sends you into a small pool of freezing water. 
Saturday afternoon we met at my uncle's house in Highland for games, food, and pictures. always pictures.
Almos the entire John & Norda Emmett family!
all 24 cousins.
Sunday was my newest niece's blessing day! She's a cutie. We also decided to take some real family pictures because it's been a while since the last time did, and it'll be a while until we're all together again.
happy bebe.

weird editing. Pops, me, Mums.
childrens. all grown up.
I wasn't good about taking pictures, so I mostly stole a bunch from other people. I'm sure I'll add more as I find them!

One of my favorite things this weekend was that any down time was spent watching the Olympics! I was as happy as could be to see as much as I did. Lots of swimming, track, and gymnastics for us. 

I loved being outside so much all weekend. Boating, watching the rodeo, hiking, sliding. Plus Bob's house in Highland has the perfect backyard for big get-togethers.

Emmett family vacations are usually complete with lots of eating out. But really, whose vacations aren't? We ate at the Creamery, Dickey's, Kneaders, Bocata, and Cafe Rio. No complaining by any of us, I'm sure. 

I wasn't too ready to say goodbye to the Arizona Emmetts or our parents, but if was fun to have them all back in Utah for a while! It's sad to realize this reunion was kind of my last big summer event.. school starts in three weeks! Lots of hours at the Creamery until then, and as much time outside as I can get.

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