Samples and Scooping, Scooping and Samples

August 01, 2012

I haven't talked much about the Creamery on here, so maybe you didn't know that's where I work. .. . .... . .

[sidebar: Meg and I always use way too many periods spaced completely random like that. Mostly it's poking fun at older people who do that all over the Internet.]

[sidebar 2: Ryan, Allie, and I used to say "sidebar" before starting a private conversation between just ourself and one other person, excluding the third.]

Sometimes I don't want to go to work.
- when it's 7:30 am.
- when my parents are in town.
- when I've only seen TWO Olympic events so far.

I wasn't too upset about going in tonight, but there were still a few customers who made it worth it for me.

The first was a guy who needed cookies & cream for his "depressed friend." At first I was thinking, please don't refer to yourself as "depressed" just because we don't have the flavor of ice cream you want. But then he was actually really serious and very concerned. No worries, sir. I have a solution! I ended up making his depressed friend a sundae with layers of vanilla ice cream, crushed up Oreos, and hot fudge. Lots of layers. Really beautiful. And this guy was so grateful! He called me a genius multiple times, and kept asking to talk to my manager - promising he could get me a raise. I didn't bother bringing my manager over because I knew he wouldn't really care, nor do anything about it. Regardless, I was so happy to be able to help that guy.

The next was a guy probably close to my age who tried fourteen flavors before deciding. It was okay because there was no one else in line, and he was so nice. I was getting really into his order by the end - recommending flavors that went well together, discussing in what order I should scoop his five different flavors so the right ones touched each other. His friend took a picture of me, him, and his most beautiful double scoop. It really was the most beautiful.

Finally, this married couple came. They were probably in their early fifties, and so cute together. Exactly how I'd love to be with my husband when I'm that age. They teased each other and laughed into each other's eyes like cute older couples do. I could tell they knew each other well. totes in love.

Thanks for an okay night, Creams.

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