Slides and Drawing, Drawing and Slides.

August 03, 2012

Rooolled out of bed at 7:07am.
Got ready, ate some yogurt, read the good word.
Made it to work in roughly eleven minutes riding Phoebe.
Grab & Go champ.
Bought snacks.
Rode home, watched a JB video, talked with Meeg, ate left-over mac & cheese, talked with LJ.
Bought sunscreen with Aubrey.
Seven Peeeaks! with Aubrey, Steven, and David.
1. Boomerang
2. Cave In
3. Free Fall
snacks, asian jokes, little kid jokes, Creamery talk, and seeing Demers!
Shopping with Molly.
colored jeans and accessories.
and Tyler Haws. good eye, Mols.
Olympics! Team USA! and froyo.
Locked out of my tiny house, good timing by Catherine.
Soda from Ben and Ted. which always makes me think of Bill and Ted and excellent adventures.

and lots of Drawsomething. #iPhoneaddictions.
plus texting RyGuy! He graduated from Basic Training today. He is incredible.

This week is going as planned. Let the best weekend ever commence.

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