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August 25, 2012

I've been thinking about the friend zone a lot lately. partly because of something that happened, except I'm only assuming the whole thing so it may not even be real.

I met a kid toward the beginning of the summer, and we hit it off pretty well. Over the next couple months we saw each other a few times a week, and we always had lots of fun. For a little bit, I felt fairly sure I was interested in maybe someday being more than friends. As time went on I realized that likely wasn't going to or even meant to happen. But I still loved being around him, and I absolutely wanted to us to stay good friends. I think I may have made my point of being romantically uninterested a little too clear because lately we're basically strangers.

This leads me to all my thoughts on the friend zone. I realize it can be disappointing, embarrassing, or even painful to face this "rejection." But may I argue that sometimes it isn't rejection at all? Sometimes a girl may not be interested in dating, but she's still past the sixth grade and interested in having close male friends.

The friend zone is spoken of often by boys. You know what isn't? The creepy-guy zone. I've put plenty of guys there! Those boys are not on the list of people I want to keep too close.

The friend zone is not the worst place to be. So if she just wants to be friends, consider embracing that. You'll find someone else to be your soulmate.

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I'm in the friend zone... the best friend ever zone! ;)

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