A helpful TA!? and.. ..boys.

September 16, 2012

This week I did a lot of homework, a lot of speaking French, and a lot of working.

Steven, Kacy, and I study accounting about twice a week. 
Steven and Kacy teach me accounting about twice a week. I've been doing pretty well so far! I'm so grateful for them helping me, I know it makes a huge difference in my study habits. 

If I could give an award to the sweetest person of my week, I would give it to Katelyn, one of the TA's for my ISYS class. It's supposed to be an easy .5 credit Excel class, but this week I put off my homework until the very last minute and ran into a ton of problems.  I just did the best I could, e-mailed the TAs, and hoped they would give me maybe half credit. Well Katelyn couldn't even open the homework file I sent her, so she asked me to come into her office hours the next day. I went in and explained my problems, she walked me through the entire assignment, made sure I knew how to do everything, and then gave me full credit. Bless. your. heart. Katelyn.

My speaking partner for French and I.. we have a good time. We're in the same French class, then the same Introduction to Dance class right after so we always walk together. As it turns out we've had a few similar situations with boys. We also see eye to eye on a lot of boys stuff, which is somehow a huge relief to both of us. You know what I mean. As in, last week we had one of those moments where she told a story about a date she went on, and the whole time I was fervently nodding my head throwing out a constant string of "yes! exactly. of course!" One of those someoneunderstandsmeI'mnotcompletelycrazy moments.

Here's a Dear Boys-type topic I've thought about a little this last week. A lot of guys say all the time how they don't care what a girl looks like, how she wears her hair or does her make-up.. whatever. Guys say they're fine with a girl in sweatpants, a pony tail, and no make-up at all. Okay, great. That is just so sweet. ..for the times when girls actually look like that. 

But the reality is that most girls try really hard. They try to find the cutest clothes, they spend an hour on their hair and make-up.. Instead of hearing that guys don't care about any of that, maybe these girls would like to be complimented on their efforts once in a while. 

I know whenever I've had a boyfriend.. oh, the good old days.. I loved hearing he thought I looked cute! Even hearing it from guys who are only friends can totally make my day. Because seriously, when a girl is sitting there thinking she is looking so cute and please won't just one of these boys notice.. She does not want to hear any of this bologna you're saying right now. Okay, that's all.

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