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September 11, 2012

I think everyone trying to campaign to bring caffeinated drinks to campus is just silly. You're getting along fine without it, and our school has more important issues on its agenda.

I've been trying to be better at keeping secrets lately. Not really secrets, I guess. Just things I maybe shouldn't blurt out the minute I learn them. I'm doing great.

The other day I was talking with my friend about American Heritage.
"I feel like American Heritage thinks it's really cool and important. But.. it isn't."
and in the words of my Hawaiin brother, AAAAAH-MEN.
I should write that Hawaiin brother a letter.

Me: Fall is the worst time to be single.
Stacy: ...I'm not going to assign it a season.

But I will, I'll assign it a season. It's fall.

And when winter comes it just might be winter.

But really, it's fall.

Today I went to the Brigham City Temple Open House with my grams, my Uncle Chad's family, and two of my cousins. As Sam and I were walking off the shuttle at the temple, the really sweet woman helping out said, "You girls are out of school to be here!" Sam goes, "Well actually my last class got out at one." I tried to make the woman feel better by telling her I did miss one class this afternoon. She just smiled her overly friendly temple worker smile. Then we walked off the bus and Sam goes, "Twenty bucks says she thought I was in high school. ..or younger." Oh, Sam.

The temple was beautiful, obvi. I told my uncle I may just have to get married there because then I know my grandma would come. She grew up in Brigham, plus she's not much of a traveller these days and Brigham is just a half hour from where she lives now. My grandma is the cutest thing, and she didn't disappoint today. She pointed to every single picture in the temple and picked out something about it she loved. "I love those mountains.. I love the peaches.. See the women with Christ? I love the women in that one.." I'm really grateful I was able to walk through the temple with her.

And so glad I snagged this picture! I literally can't think of any other picture I have of just Norda and me, ever.

Okay, then we went to Maddox... .... ... I've heard about it over and over for years and years, but today was my first experience. Holy raspberry butter 'bout to change my life.

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"Holy raspberry butter", you're 'bout the cutest thing I've ever seen. Especially with that adorable Grandma of yours :) I'm jealous of your temple trip... I can't wait to see it for myselt.

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