Clamshells and Forgiving, Forgiving and Clamshells

September 16, 2012

Last week during my produce shift at work I went behind the restaurant counter to grab something. While I was there a handicapped girl came up to the counter and our conversation went something like this:

Girl: Do you guys have any clamshells?
I didn't quite understand what she asked, but usually people come to this particular counter looking for to-go boxes. So I grabbed one of those. 
Me: Of course! Here you go.
That's all it took for her to become fairly angry with me. 
Girl: No! I asked for a clamshell, not a box!
Me: I'm sorry, I don't know if we have those. We have these banana boats-
Girl: I just need a clam shell! I'm trying to get home and I know you have some clamshells back there!
Me: I'm not sure I know what you're talking about-
Girl: Is there someone here who can help me!?

It went on and on. I tried asking her to describe the thing she was looking for. Another employee walked out and she asked him, but he had no idea either. I started to offer her a box from bakery, but as soon as I said the word "box" again she was outta there. After she left I realized she might have been looking for the containers we use for our hoagie sandwiches, but there was no use trying to catch up with her. We were both upset, and if that still wasn't what she was looking for I didn't want to hear her response. 

I had no idea how to react. Scratch that, I had too many ideas on how to react.

Part of me was really upset. After all, I was trying my very best to help her. I offered her everything I thought might work. She had yelled at me, and I was embarrassed to the verge of tears.

Part of me wouldn't let myself be upset with her. Partly because of her handicap, plus it also seemed as if she was already having a rough day.

But then, maybe I was having a rough day. She had no right, handicap or not, to treat me the way she did.

Eventually I stopped myself altogether. It didn't matter who she was, who I was, how either of our days had been. This is cheesy to type.. It's painful.. She is a daughter of God. All I can and should do for any child of God is help them the best that I can and love them no matter how they treat me. That may be difficult to put into words on this little blog of mine, but most times it seems even more difficult to put it into action in my life. Well, try a little harder every day.

For goodness sake, I hope she found herself a clamshell. 

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