Conferences and Dancing, Football and Roommates.

September 24, 2012

Stacy and I went to Evidance. I'm not biased, but I loved all the folk dance performances most. Suzy (clogging!) - America, Nagada Nagada - India, and Hopak - Ukraine. You can't beat those three. Really. But I can't let any of those be my favorite this time because my favorite was.. this:

We had Stake Conference! I don't understand the Notes app thing on my phone, and somehow I've lost the note about Stake Conference. I remember one quote I liked was about how the Savior has engraved us on the palms of His hands, and He will never forget us. I've always loved that thought. I remember our Stake is focusing on finding joy in the journey and attending the temple. Jeez, If I ever find that note I'll write it all down somewhere permanent. 

..BYU played Utah. We watched the game at Stacy's parents' house. Don't worry, I brought my BYU snuggie with me. I was pretty okay the whole time. It was a disappointing game, but I wasn't being a crazy football fan. Until the end. Because really? Really

During the end I completely pulled a Shane. That's where, during a football game involving your absolute favorite team, you start out sitting normally on the couch. Maybe your feet are up, you're comfortable. As your team starts playing like one big idiot, you sit up a bit more. You scoot to the edge of the couch cushion, your face as close to the tv as it can get. During our absolutely insane Utah-losers-rush-the-field-put-a-second-back-on-the-clock-kick-a-field-goal-they-block-the-field-goal-losers-rush-the-field-again-before-the-play-is-over-give-them-a-penalty-move-us-forward-kick-again-hit-the-upright!?-losers-rush-the-field-again-okay-just-turn-the-tv-off ending of a game I was completely on my knees beside the coffee table. I was upset. Pulled a Shane. Go Bears.

On Sunday we had Regional Conference where, among others, Elder and Sister Oaks spoke. We were really blessed to hear what they had to say that day, even their advice about dating. As often as that topic is addressed sometimes I just get so sick of hearing about it. But they did a perfect job of keeping my attention and making me care about what they had to say. The speakers in that meeting spoke a lot about temples, too.

We had a ward dinner in the park that night! We were asked to bring a dessert and Meg made caramel popcorn. I ate half of it, it's fine. After dinner we had a Penrose 86 reunion! All of our roommates from last year + Bronte & Louisa came over to play games and meet Tim and Trevor. After our game we took pictures and then some of us made an early Monday 
morning trip to Denny's for milkshakes. 
I love these girls.

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I love you! I'm picturing you being Shane in your BYU Snuggie... Good times!

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