Dear Boys 6

September 10, 2012

Dear Boys,
I need to apologize. I recently admitted to myself that boys aren't all bad. aaand that in most cases where I miss a boy, it's my fault that I do. I'm terrible at this boys thing, I am. I give off the wrong signals, I never know what I want or what I'm supposed to do. It's something I'm really going to work on. Don't get the wrong idea though, I'll still write Dear Boys posts about how annoying, confusing, and sometimes great you can be.

Dear Brown Bear,
It was really, really good to see you. x3.

Dear Boy,
I went to IKEA this weekend and mostly just wondered what you'd say about everything. 
I miss riding bikes. ..and a million other things.

Dear Puppy Dog,
Sorry about that. I hope we're cool.

Dear New Guy,
How sad is it that we never get to see each other? 
But I saw you once this week. 
You're still all the good things I thought you were.

Dear Attractiveboyfrommysocialdanceclasslastfall,
Where do you get off getting married over the summer?
I saw that ring.
You don't know who I am.

And in closing, I'd like to complain about the way this BYU/Provo culture makes you feel about dating and marriage. Sometimes it's fun to laugh about the stereotypes, and then sometimes you want to slap something in the face and say I'm only nineteen and I shouldn't be so stressed and obsessed about this stuff. So quit telling me I should be! That's all.

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