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September 10, 2012

This Monday we didn't have school! ..I can't even remember what I did. I think I kind of slept in, went on a run, blogged? I know I went to work, then Meg, Carly and I picked up dinner at Zupa's and went to eat it at Rock Canyon Park. and right when we sat down a very strange fhe group came and used the grill next to our table. They really struggled, but by the time we left they finally had a fire going. Mostly thanks to the one hipster's machete, I'm sure. Oh! I remember. Then I was lazy until Stacy made me go to her friend's house to watch High School Musical with rifftrax. It was too good. also I'm embarrassed at how much I used to love that movie. I still love it, let's be real. But I used to actually think it was so quality. It isn't. The end.

On Tuesday I went to the first devotional of the year with my new old friend Dennis. Did I already talk about that on here? I don't have much of a memory these days. Well Dennis was in my home stake, but we never knew each other very well. Then we ended up in the same Book of Mormon class this semester! It's a tiny Mormon world. After classes that day I subbed at work for a few hours then probably just did homework and passed out on my bed.

Wednesday I went to Institute with Stacy. Our lesson was on Elder Packer's talk "And A Little Child Shall Lead Them." It was goood. mostly it reminded me that my stake is really old, and I need to get outta here. jk, I can make the best of this semester. Then they fed us Costco muffins. 

On Thursday I played with my gurl, Molly. my sister. She beat me to my house after I got off work, then we went to Smith's! obvious first stop. We bought a pizza, little cakes, ice cream, and cookies. not leaving without renting The Lucky One from Redbox. Even thought Zac had about five lines and mostly walked around looking worried and bored, it was entertaining. No Nicholas Sparks movie will beat The Last Song, though. mmm Greg Kinear and Liam Hemsworth? That's the best of two generations! not to mention the little brother, cuuutie.

Friday I ate lunch with Lauren and Carly, ran into Baby Ted twice, and got a serious work-out/slap in the face in clogging. That class got really difficult really quickly on Friday. Then I stayed late at work, walked 50 miles back to my bicycle, and rode home. That night Micah and I made pizza for dinner! After pizza we went to the Humor U show. They were all so funny, I loved that every comedian had a different style. It kept me one hundred percent entertained. Micah even caught a t-shirt! But the Humor U show is also where I... lost my phone. 

I'm losing my mind. and my house key, wallet, supervisor card, phone.

Here's how my sister explained it on my facebook page for the whole world to see. I'm facebook friends with the whole world. 

Here's the thing... LJ called your phone. BYU Guest Services picked up, saying they had it. He called mom asking how to get a hold of you. Mom called me at 9:50 (while we were coming back from Heber), asking if I could get a hold of you - since you needed to get your phone by 10:00pm. I had NO way... So, Mom said she'd FB message Meg. I emailed Meg. I called your phone and the girl said it was found in the bathroom of the Maeser building and she'd be there until maybe 10:20. I emailed Meg again. The girl I talked to also works at BYU Lost & Found so she said she'll process it on Monday and you can get it there... I tried :(
You're losing it, sister. Your brains. You're losing your brains. JK :)

I'm really grateful for everyone's help trying to find it. except kind of not the girl who found it. There was only one event happening in the Maeser Building that night. Couldn't they have made an announcement asking if anyone would claim it? Couldn't she have left it at the front table or asked someone who called my phone where I lived? I realize none of this was her top priority and she was probably really annoyed with the situation, but Friday night to Monday morning is a long time to go without a phone. I try not to be too attached to it, but it's the weekend! This was a no bueno weekend to bee phone-less, too. Turns out though, life goes on. and despite that whole incident, we had a really fun night!

Saturday I spent the afternoon with my sisters. We all ate lunch at Jimmy John's, then Molly, Austin, and I took Paige's kids to IKEA. They wanted everything, but then so did I. I almost bought new bedding. I told myself if I get a certain something, I'll let myself go buy it. 

When I got back to Provo I killed some time at home, then rode my bike to the RB. My Introduction to Dance homework this weekend was to dance by myself for forty minutes. Okay, fiiine. I took my clogging shoes and my music and practiced a lot. a lot. After a while I took off my shoes, changed the playlist, and let go. I was turning and leaping and running and jumping and spinning and everything else I knew how to do all over that huge, open room. Oh, my friends. I doubt it was beautiful, but it felt good. The only time I noticed someone peek their head in was during that time when I was going nuts. I went back to clogging for a few songs, then headed home. I was in there for about an hour and a half. I might make that a regular part of my weekends.

That night Stacy and I went to my friends' open mic night for a little bit. I'll never stop being amazed at how much talent there is in Provo. The fact that a bunch of friends can get together to play music just for fun and sound as good as these guys do is really something amazing. I wish we could have stayed longer, but Stacy needed to go see a few of her nine billion friends. We went to the Wildlyfe Weekend party at the Gatsby house to see her friend's band play. There were tons of people. I wish I had known more than four of them. We ended our night with 7-Eleven snacks and Baby Mama.

Today we went to church, which didn't feel anything like church. I take that back, Sacrament Meeting was normal and great. Sunday School was a building tour, taking pictures for the directory, and filling out our information. The coolest part was the pictures because they hired a professional photographer. except I'm sure he wasn't really "hired" because today is the Sabbath. I'm glad we cleared that up. Even in Relief Society we just went around and introduced ourselves. blahhh. Stacy and I came home and slept for four hours. Looks like that tradition isn't going anywhere. Then she fed me dinner. What an angel.

Once upon a time half the people I work with had never seen Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. So tonight some of them came over, and we watched it for Steven's birthday! Kacy brought cake and it was just the best. Doug was the first person to arrive, and I told him how my mom and everyone back home tells me I act just like Sam Sparks from that movie. Then after we hadn't been watching for too long tonight, Sam did something goofy and I think it was who Kaylee goes, "Why do I think of Erin?" Good and great. So go watch that movie, and tell me what you think.

I realize these long blog posts are boring. I'll try to fix that. Until I do, you can stop reading them without offending me. I'll save them for my posterity. I just know they'll find all this stuff interesting.

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This was a long post, and I'm not sure what to comment on. I just love reading about your life, and your take on it. I may just go watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for old time sake. Sam does remind me of you, but you're much cuter and you're real :) Miss You!

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