four hour naps and feeling exhausted.

September 03, 2012

I know my blog was the best summer read out there for most of you. I'm sorry that school makes me kind of busy and after one week I already haven't posted much.

This week was straight up exhausting.
School started on Monday. I have a French class everyday at nine, which I love. Stacy and I have been riding our bikes to school together most mornings and it's really cute. Oh, I got a new rooommate!

Stacy. She's the bee's knees. We both love blue and pandas and naps.

So here comes my journaling, just for me. and you.

Monday night homework.
Monday: School. French, Dance 260, and Clogging. Then I worked my first produce shift, which is actually.. kinda boring. But it's fine because it's easy. and I usually can finish early and find other things to keep myself busy. also don't worry because I'm still a Guac Girl. I say a because now there are two. After work we went to our ward fhe and then to Stacy's friend's house and played 64 games. I mean the Nintendo, not that we played that number of games. Stacy went to high school in Highland so she has approximately one million friends who live in Provo or nearby.

Tuesday: French, Book of Mormon, Accounting, and ISYS. So it turns out I registered for a Returned Missionary Book of Mormon class. also turns out I've never served a mission. whoops! It's kind of weird, but it's the only class that fits - I spent hours trying to figure it all out, don't worry - and my professor said he doesn't mind. I spent a lot of time on Tuesday hunting down textbooks and doing homework.

Wednesday: After classes I went to work and then straight to folk dance auditions. and that's a whole story all by itself. In the end I decided not to be on a team this year. But lift your jaw and wipe your tears because I'm still in clogging and I'll never quit that!

Thursday: After classes I.. fell asleep for roughly over two hours. Then it was the first BYU football game of the season! Getting there was such a struggle. So Meg and I drove over to find somewhere to park and there was absolutely nowhere. We drove home and asked Carly to drop us off at the stadium because it was raining. She did because she's the sweetest, but as she was driving away I realized I didn't have my ticket. ..... .. ... . ........ So I called Stacy and she brought me my ticket! It was all good and great from there.

Friday night gallon challenge.
Friday: French test, free smoothie, dance, free pocorn, cancelled clogging, work, and a bee-bee-kyoo. Stacy had a few of her .7 billion friends over. They're all goofs, but they brought yummy food! No, really they're all so fun. and goofs. Then I went climbing at the Quarry with my friend Ryan. Guys, I like climbing. When I came home Meg, Carly, and their bros were about to do the gallon challenge. Unfortunately they didn't buy me a gallon.. how sad. So I photographed, video.. graphed, and provided pump up jams.

Saturday: 8:00am work meeting, says who!? I was late. I tried going back to sleep afterward, but that was fairly unsuccessful. So I woke myself up - jk that was David. rude. - and then Doug and I went to see Mandy Patinkin! He was phenomenal, and I mean that. I'll be honest and say that I didn't recognize most of the songs he sang, but it didn't even matter. We sat in the third row, he was so funny, and it was a really fun afternoon. Then that night I got to supervise at work! I realized the minute I walked behind the counter how much I miss working in restaurant. My team that night was so great. We ran out of meat at 7:00pm and I had to pay for half of one customer's ice cream, but overall it was a good shift! I came home and we finally had our Incredible Hulk party. I'd never seen it, Micah was insulted.. So Micah and Andy brought over tons of good food and now I've seen the Hulk.


One day last week I called my mom seven times. probably all before 2:00pm. She's a lovely lady, that Lesa. I was pretty stressed out over books and financial aid and my lost supervisor card and folk dance and she just lets me talk and talk. My back kills and I took a four hour nap today, but overall I'm feeling better. I think this semester will be really great.

Tuesday night library.
Meg's first written word in Arabic.
Thursday night football game struggles.
football game good times.
Saturday afternoon with Inigo Montoya live.
Today I went to church, took a four hour nap, went to Stacy's parent's house in Highland for dinner, went to Ward Prayer, and blogged. There might have been a few episodes of 30 Rock in there somewhere. toward the end. close to about an hour ago.

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Wow! No wonder your exhausted! Keep up the good work cute girl :) and post a picture of Stacy... we'd love to meet her!

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