Dear Boys 8

October 04, 2012

dear new guy,
that was the most we've ever talked. did you enjoy it as much as i did? you're goofy.
i'm also happy to find out you know my name.

dear amigo,
i wish we could just be friends. we'd be good ones.

dear ___,
you're still cute. i'm still here. so..

dear boy,
sometimes i'm not sure if i want to rewind or fast forward.
for now i think i'll stay put.

dear justin bieber,
the other night i had a dream we were legitimately dating.
you came to my house and waited for me to get ready, then we left on a surprise date you had planned. realistically, i don't think we'd work out.

dear boys everywhere,
please stop being surprised that i know things about, and very much enjoy, sports.
also please invite me to your house to watch sports. i don't have tv.
go bears.

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