Dear.. nope. no boys.

October 17, 2012

Reasons why running into my old roommates makes my day double as good as it was going to be:

number one. Yesterday I ran into Haley and mentioned my ISYS final I still needed to finish by the end of the night. Haley is in IT and she offered to help me, but I was all.. "No, you're busy. I'll be fine!" Hours later I was not fine. I went to the TA lab to get help and it was stuffed. So Haley, angel from above, sat with me in the HBLL for two and a half hours to (almost) finish it.

I learned more from her in those two and a half hours than I have from doing my homework for that class the past two months.

number two. This morning I ran into Lauren! We chatted about her new glasses, she handed me a Jamba Juice coupon courtesy of son pรจre (see what I did there?), and then we decided to meet at the MOA for lunch. Where of course she paid because she works there and she's Lauren. We talked about boys - ours, other people's - and ate the yummiest food I've found on campus.

I love these girls. I love people. Actually earlier today I referred to myself as the Grinch of people.
I love some people.

Also, on Friday I'm going to my Disney auditions! So if you read this thing and you like me at all even a little tiny bit, say a prayer for me.

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