Of General Conference and Friends.

October 08, 2012

Papa Smurf worked his Mattoon Ward Bishop Magic (it's a thing.) and got us tickets to the Sunday Morning session of General Conference! Steven, his roommate Nathan, and Kacy came with me, and they're the best. Plus I saw a ton of other people I know. and I love love love Temple Square, on the first Sunday of October most.

We woke up early, but it was so worth it! Arise early, they say.
pretty sun coming up over the mountains.
we sat about as high as you can get.
i was still as happy as could be.
I'm fairly confident President Eyring wrote his talk for me. 
Thy will be done, and in Thine own time. 
Make Him as familiar to us as we are to Him. 
Time to tear down that pavilion. 

Oh, Elder Holland. I love the way his talks start out with gently told stories, and than boom. Time for him to make his point, and everyone knows it.
Leave our old selves behind and give our whole selves to the Lord. Become whoever He needs.
The crowning characteristic of love is always loyalty.
Yea, Lord. We do love Thee. We will never look back until this work is finished.

President Monson.
Take an inventory of the blessings - large and small - you have received in your life.
Never postpone a prompting. 
- I want to do a better job of recognizing when people are an answer to my prayers, and then be sure to let them know.
da temple. da friends.
such a stinkin castle.
and couples i don't know.
I basically ran laps around Temple Square looking for Elder Clark, but no luck. We did find this cute sister missionary, though! Becci worked at the Creamery with us, now she's serving on Temple Square.
Sister Walsh! we don't know her companion, the girl in the middle.
I still haven't watched the majority of the Saturday morning session, but I loved Elder Ballard's talk from yesterday afternoon. Plus we are so excited about a Tuscon temple! Yeahhh for BenCourtreen. 

And yes, still. All I want in life is a love like Richard and Jeanene's.

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I'm so happy you were able to go to conference! I loved the talks, and I love Jeanene too. Even though I've never met her:)

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