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October 09, 2012

I've been doing this really cool thing ever since Friday called anything but homework. So here's more blog rambles.

I love watching football. I really love watching football. Friday nights are for high school, Saturday afternoons are for college, and the NFL gets all of Sunday plus Monday night. That's how life should be in the fall.

I am ready to eat and drink all things pumpkin. As long as I'm at BYU, pumpkin bread from the Creamery and pumpkin smoothies from Jamba Juice will top my list.

Did you know I count things in my head by eight? Probably not how you think, though. and really I don't know how to explain it. It started in middle school when I was dancing every day. eight counts. you understand. kind of.

A lot of days I carry a big thing of hairspray in my back pack. Because when I'm on campus from nine am to six pm I can't blame myself for wanting to freshen up.

I know that this decision shouldn't be based off a thoughtcatalog article, but I'm a sucker for these.

School is getting harder because life after this semester is going to be so exciting and I don't want to focus on classes or tests or homework. Find joy in the journey, I know. But seriously, 2013 has some huge, great things in store. That much I can tell.

Meg and I joke about next semester a lot because one time this conversation happened:
Meg: Our e-mails to each other are going to be so awesome!
Erin: Yeah, you'll be all "I just climbed the Mount of Olives!" and I'll be all.. "I just met Mickey!"
I like to tell her the Middle East doesn't have a lot of things she loves. like birthdays.

Today I got an e-mail informing me I'm flying hooome! I have roughly a week in Illinois before I fly to FloRida. love me some illinoise.

here's a picture of me and my pumpkin i painted at fhe.
i named her nora because that's what i tend to want to name most things.
aaand pumpkins.

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Aubrey Burton said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You are the cutest. I love your pumpkin named Nora. I want to meet her someday.

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