Of sunsets and fall and beauty.

October 25, 2012

the other day we were watching the sunset and he wondered out loud what makes a sunset beautiful. i said maybe because it's so fleeting. a sunset is here and then gone. it's kind of rare.

and a sunset is so opposite of how the sky looks most of the time. if the sky were red and orange and yellow all day, then bright blue for only an hour or so before it turned black, wouldn't we love to see that bright blue sky?

so we were talking about that, then i found this on one of my favorite blogs:

"the deal about fall is that it's hardly really here at all. right? maybe just for a few afternoons, when the sun shines just right--not too strong, of course, there must be a chill--while the clouds linger just so, and the leaves float by slowly. fall is wonderful just for the fact that it's so scarce. summer always bleeds too far in and the winter drops too soon, leaving us with this gorgeous scarcity. nothing about fall can last, not the colors nor the crispness, because in reality, fall is dying. fall is the death of nature. and it is beautiful. ... do we recognize its beauty because it happens so fast and we can see it before our eyes?"

and so i think that's part of it, too. i think a sunset is beautiful because just like fall we see the beauty begin and happen and end before our eyes.

and then i just really get thinking. and i wonder what else do i find beautiful because i get to watch the entire thing happen? i think of tiny babies and how fast they grow and what a beautiful miracle it is to witness. i think of those gospel conversion stories that happen so quickly and turn sometimes life completely around. i think of noticing someone go out of their way to help someone else.

and then i realize that i think Heavenly Father did all this on purpose. He gives us endless opportunities to find beauty in every moment of every day, every season of the year.

and then finally i wonder if i notice even half of the beauty He puts into my life.

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Lesa Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Maybe that's what's so beautiful about children. We get to see them from the start and follow them through their lives. It seems like we have them for a long time... but it's really fleeting. Before you know it they're gone leaving us to remember the joy they brought and wishing for more time. I love being a mom :)

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