November 30, 2012

my first thanksgiving in utah.
my worst thanksgiving ever.

so that's the short version..

here's there rest.

The last time I posted on here about being sick I just wanted someone to come take care of me. Well guess what - she did! That same night Molly and Austin were in Provo so they brought me dinner. ..and then they brought me home with them.

It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving so all my roommates had gone home for the week. I was in pretty bad shape, and I think Molly might have guessed that if I stayed home by myself all week I wouldn't eat or take my medicine or take a shower.. or do anything beneficial to my health. I was too tired to take care of myself.

I only planned on staying in Heber for one night. I didn't want to ruin their Thanksgiving! Turns out I stayed until Saturday.. whoops.

Molly was the best all week. She brought me clean clothes and blankets, constantly refilled my water bottle, forced me to take medicine every four hours, made me any food that sounded good even when I barely ate any of it.. I can't imagine what my week would have been like if I had stayed home by myself instead of going to her house.

So I didn't really have Thanksgiving.
Instead I had applesauce and Gilmore Girls and medicine and sleep.

I still feel so bad that the first time I made it up to Heber to see Molly and Austin's new house was only because I needed them to take care of my sick self.. But their house is cute! I think part of what made it feel so good to stay there was just the fact that it felt like a home. My house in Provo.. doesn't.. feel.. that.

Last year I was really lucky and got to fly home to Illinois for Thanksgiving. So this was my first Thanksgiving away from home. Thanks, Utah. You really know how to celebrate.


Molly Seawright said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

hahaha. Don't blame Utah! Blame the kissing disease. I'm glad you came! It made me feel good to know you weren't completely withering away :) and I'm glad you're feeling better now! - even if it's just a little.

adrienne said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm with Molly...who have you been kissing? But...what a nice sister to take care of you!

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