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November 04, 2012

i feel like since i have this blog and currently live in utah, i'm somewhat obligated to post once every day during the month of november about something for which i'm thankful. it just seems to be that mormon blogger girl thing to do. well i don't know if i'll keep up with it every day, but let me at least make up for the last four.

today our testimony meeting had an efy/youthconference/sundayaftergirlscamp kind of a vibe. as in, eeeveryone had something to say. fine by me. mostly everyone said really great things. me, i just sat there scribbling words again.

i kind of heard two main things throughout the whole meeting.

the lord knows us, and the lord loves us.
i'm so grateful for the lord's tender mercies in my life.

since i've been sick all week, i've kind of just been really out of it. i've been sleeping weird hours, barely eating, and mostly living vicariously through my gilmore girls. so as i sat there in church today i realized that i really needed to get back on track with my prayers, my scriptures, my testimony, my gratitude. i want to remember how much the lord loves me, how much i love him, and how he blesses me with tender mercies, too. step one: make a list, of course! it's just what i do.

and so, following that lengthy introduction.. here's a copy of my list. these are my tender mercies. this is my thankful list for these first four days of november. i guess i shouldn't be surprised that most of my tender mercies are people and the things they do for me.
meg making me lunch.
henry being lazy with me, feeding me.
lesa's care package.
carly's sucker.
stacy giving me tissues and meds.
being invited to that barbeque.
steven taking my shift, doug offering to.
daylight savings time.
pretty weather.
gilmore girls.
testimony meetings.
my testimony, small and wavering as it may be.
the temple.
my patriarchal blessing.
this terrible cold coming after my midterms. [mostly]
"character performer."
living in a house, not an apartment while being sick.
judd bringing me orange juice.
getting a letter from elder clark.

so i think i'm all ready for november now. i'm ready to be thankful, healthy [fingers crossed], aaand probably pretty busy. but i'm definitely ready to start making time for the things that matter again. 

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